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HP Pavilion Wave

HP Pavilion Wave

A stylish desktop PC with a killer built-in speaker system from HP.

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Desktop PCs have long been plagued with unappealing designs. Most PCs are left hidden away under desks, which may be why all-in-one computers are becoming more and more popular. Some manufacturers have been experimenting with new case designs in an attempt to alleviate the ugliness associated with traditional PCs. However, with traditional PC components designed to fit into what is essentially a box, it takes quite a bit to come up with a truly innovative design.

In an attempt to change our perception of desktop PCs, HP introduces a new desktop PC that blurs the line between a standalone PC and a designer speaker. The HP Pavilion Wave desktop PC has a streamlined and sleek design even befitting of your living room. It’s speaker-like design is somewhat appropriate since it houses a fully integrated B&O PLAY 360 surround sound system. It’s powered by a sixth generation Intel Core processor with 16GB of memory, and boasts features like Dual QHD and even 4K support, making it a great solution to power your media when hooked up to your TV.