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Himalaya 4x4 Collaborates With Vintage Electric For One-Of-A-Kind Series Truck And E-Bike Package

Himalaya 4×4 And Vintage Electric Collaborate On Special Edition Dual-Sport e-Bike

Match your custom classic off-roader with a dual-sport e-Bike.

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Two bespoke brands aimed at modifying nostalgia with modern technology have joined forces to accessorize one another. Himalaya 4×4, a company specializing in custom Land Rover restorations, and Vintage Electric, known for producing antique-styled powerful electric bicycles, have collaborated on a special edition bike. This new Himalaya 4×4 Special Edition Vintage Electric e-bike is available to order as an accessory on a custom Land Rover Series IIA.

Essentially, when you order a custom Himalaya 4×4 Series Land Rover, you can add the special edition Vintage Electric Dual-Sport as an accessory. The Vintage Electric special edition e-bike features exclusive Himalaya Series badging with a Saris 2 bike rack for easier storage and transport.

The e-bike has a powerful 72-volt powertrain managed by a thumb-operated throttle. The special edition model is based on Vintage Electric’s Scrambler with Dual-Sport performance allowing it to reach speeds of 40 mph while providing enough torque to tackle hill climbs and steep mountain roads as easily as gravel, sand, or flat tarmac. Other standard features include Maxxis tires, hydraulic disc brakes, five ride modes, and painted to match the color of the Himalaya 4×4 Series truck.

The Himalaya 4×4 Series IIA features a GM V6 engine producing 300 horsepower, a 6L80-E manual transmission, and a custom Fox suspension that delivers Land Rover’s iconic off-road prowess. However, while it may look like it just rolled out of 1958, Himalaya 4×4 goes to great lengths to add modern features like Bluetooth connectivity, high-grade chestnut leather, LED lighting, and a premium Alpine sound system.

Pricing for the Himalaya Special Edition Vintage Electric bike is available upon commissioning a new Himalaya 4×4 Series Land Rover.

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Himalaya 4×4 Special Edition Vintage Electric bike

  • Battery: 72V
  • Motor: 750W
  • Top Speed: 40 mph
  • Weight: 86 lbs. (with battery)