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Heavys Headphones

Heavys Headphones: Engineered For Metalheads

“Experience badass metal sound the way it’s meant to be.”

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Strong, reverberating bass is a staple of heavy metal music. Unfortunately for fans of the genre, most headphones are simply not capable of producing the thumping bass that you get with a live metal concert or even with a good pair of speakers. To solve this problem, a group of self-described metalheads, engineers, and sound freaks came together to produce the Heavys Headphones – billed as the world’s first heavy metal headphones, currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Former Sennheiser audio guru Axel Grell, who spent 27 years at the company and was responsible for their HD series of headphones, is spearheading the development of the Heavys.

One of the things that sets the Heavys Headphones apart right out of the gate is that they come equipped with eight drivers (two subwoofers and two tweeters on each side) compared to most headphones which feature only two. This allows the headphones to perfectly produce lows, mids, and highs at the same time, with each driver releasing sound in the frequency range that matches its purpose. Other impressive features of the Heavys Headphones that make them ideal for heavy metal music and a wide range of other genres alike include advanced noise-canceling, exceptional battery life that offers 50+ hours of listening on a single charge, and patent-pending Psycho Acoustic technology that allows users to listen at higher volume while at the same time reducing the pressure responsible for causing hearing damage at high volume levels. For fans of heavy metal music that want to hear their music better, louder, and safer without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a premium headphone set, the Heavys Headphones are an innovative yet affordable new product that is well worth considering.

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