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Hard Graft Peak Headphone Case

Hard Graft Peak Headphone Case

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Hard Graft has had a long standing relationship with Bang and Olufsen, creating bespoke carrying cases for the Danish electronics manufacturer. Hard Graft has always been selective about the color choices they make for their leather products, and their newest Hard Graft Peak Headphone Case and Stand in ocean perfectly compliments the headphones the cases are intended to carry.

What is unique about this case is that not only can it carry and protect your B&O headphones but also act as a stand, thanks to its sturdy leather construction. At first glance it may seem gimmicky, but we’ve all had those times when we wished for a nice stand for our headphones but had to resort to placing them sideways on our tables or desks. It’s as if Hard Graft was on a mission to protect your precious headphones, whether inside or out of the case.

The case itself is not inexpensive, running at about $230 but that may be worth the price for such stylish protection for a stylish piece of hardware.