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Grado GS1000e

Grado Statement Series GS1000e

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Just like Michelangelo had the Sistine Chapel, there are moments in life when we can boast in the glory of our proudest achievements. For Grado, makers of hand-built hi-fi headphones from Brooklyn, that was the Statement Series GS1000. Although it took a while to develop initially, Grado didn’t waste any time in honing and improving upon their stellar headphones, with the updated GS1000e.

With an upgraded driver design and new species of handcrafted Mahogany earpieces, the Grado GS1000e features improved control and satiability from top to bottom frequency response, better supporting the midrange Grado is known for. It’s a versatile headphone as well, where you can enjoy a wide range of music genres, plugged into your iPhone or to an old school pre-amp. Although not as attainable as some headphones currently on the market, the well-deserved higher price point will justify itself with a rewarding aural experience.

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