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Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard

Google introduces the Jamboard, a digital whiteboard for physical and digital creativity.

True innovation only happens during a collaborative process, when team members can be open to ideas from other members and share freely. Google has always been at the forefront of simplifying and innovating to increase our workplace productivity. Their latest addition to their newly lurched G Suite, the new name for the suite of productivity apps that include Gmail, Docs, and Drive, is the Jamboard, a digital whiteboard that merges the worlds of physical and digital creativity.

It allows all members of a team to actively record and participate by sharing their ideas in one place. Members can pull directly from the web, and sketch and write memos on the 4K UHD display with up to two styluses at the same time. Participants can also share from their laptops or tablets without physically walking up to the board, or even participate from the opposite side of the Earth from their smartphones. All information gets stores on Drive and can be easily accessed and edited from other devices at a later time. Both iOS and Android compatible, the Jamboard opens new possibilities for true collaboration and innovation.