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Goodfight x Good Art HLYWD Pumpkin Charm

Goodfight and Good Art HLYWD Team Up To Create A Playful Pumpkin Charm

Just in time for Halloween, a whimsical sterling silver Jack ‘o Lantern necklace to celebrate the holiday.

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$ 188

If you’re the type of person who loves Halloween and doesn’t care who knows it, the Goodfight x Good Art HLYWD Pumpkin Charm offers a perfect opportunity to show off your flair for the spooky. It’s the product of two titans of style teaming up – LA-based Goodfight and Good Art HLYWD – to bring you an item figuratively made with love and magic, but literally made with sterling silver.

The grinning Jack ‘o Lantern charm can be worn as a standalone necklace (chain not included) or fitted atop a LEGO mini-figure of the wearer’s choice and is available in a few different sizes for you to choose from depending on your needs — from “extra small” all the way up to “extra large.” Note that this item was hand made at the Good Art HLYWD foundry and only fits the #3 ball chain sold by the company, not the #10. Provided that isn’t a sticking point for you, you’ll be ready to show off once October 31 finally arrives.