Describing the GHOSTKUBE may be difficult, but understanding its appeal is certainly not.

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Describing GHOSTKUBE in words is a bit of a challenge. LEGOs for the minimalist sculptor? Origami for the structural architect? These comparisons may paint a general picture of what GHOSTKUBE is all about, but neither captures the fact that the unique building blocks of this emerging product are moveable in highly interesting and fluid ways.

Just lock together the GHOSTKUBE pieces in any way that you like and then manually manipulate your 3D creation to change its shape in one direction or another. When you’ve exhausted the possibilities of your structure, you can disassemble it and create another from the very same pieces.

Whether you choose the 12-piece Small Box, the 24-piece Big Box, the 48-piece Friend Set, the 64-piece Architect Set, or the 144-piece Master Builder Set, you’ll get a series of identical GHOSTKUBE cubes in classic cream white. Available in many of these sets as well as individually, the GHOSTKUBE system also functions with one or more KEYSTONES — a moon gray cube that will lock your GHOSTKUBE into a single, secure position.