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Gallery Dept. x ASICS GT-2160

Gallery Dept. x ASICS GT-2160: Where Fashion Meets Artistry

These sneakers are a canvas of creativity, with a distinctive yellow insole paying homage to Gallery Dept.’s signature color.

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$ 295

Gallery Dept., the epitome of artistry in fashion, has been making waves in sneaker collaborations this year. Known for its opulent style, the LA-based brand recently dropped its highly anticipated Vans collection and is gearing up for the worldwide launch of the GALLERY DEPT. x ASICS GT-2160, previously exclusive to ComplexCon.

Step into the imaginative world of the Gallery Dept. x ASICS partnership, where creativity knows no bounds. The yellow insole, paying homage to Gallery Dept.’s iconic color, and a lively hangtag beneath the ASICS branding on the lateral heel, set the stage for this distinctive collaboration. With a predominantly white, silver, and black mesh upper, bold blue accents add a dash of flair. The sneaker’s upper also reveals a captivating array of multicolored paint splatters, a unique artistic touch by Gallery Dept. founder Josue Thomas, transforming these sneakers into wearable masterpieces.

Circle December 15th on your calendar for the release of the GT-2160, available at select retailers both in-store and online, as well as on Designed for men and priced at $295, seize this opportunity to embrace a marriage of luxury and creative innovation.

In summary, the Gallery Dept. x ASICS GT-2160 collaboration offers a harmonious blend of fashion and artistic ingenuity, granting enthusiasts the chance to embody creativity with every step. Don’t miss the global release on December 15th, your gateway to a one-of-a-kind fusion of opulence and individual expression.