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G-SHOCK 40th-Anniversary "CLEAR REMIX" Series

G-SHOCK Celebrates 40th Anniversary With “CLEAR REMIX” Series

With seven distinct models featuring transparent materials throughout, including the band, case, dial, LCD, and buttons.

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of G-Shock, and the celebrations are far from understated. Casio’s sub-brand has been releasing a series of commemorative timepieces, including the recent Remaster Black collection. Now, G-Shock unveils its latest offering: the Clear Remix series, consisting of seven stunning watches that provide a captivating look into the inner workings of these iconic timepieces.

While showcasing the intricate mechanisms of mechanical watches has become commonplace, G-Shock pushes the boundaries by applying the concept to quartz watches. Transparent materials are used throughout the band, case, dial, LCD, and buttons, revealing not only the dials but also the internal components such as the module and circuit board. This unique approach sets the Clear Remix series apart from G-Shock’s previous transparent models.

The series comprises four distinct silhouettes, with one model featuring two different executions and two others available in two different sizes. The first model, ref. DW-5040RX, offers a fully transparent version of the iconic G-Shock “Square” design. The second Square version, ref. DWE-5640RX, features a bracelet crafted from a combination of transparent resin and gold-ion-plated stainless steel.

In addition to the Squares, the Clear Remix series includes the DW-6940RX based on the DW-6900, the GA-114RX based on the GA-110 analog-digital model, and the GMA-S114RX, a smaller version designed for women. The final two models are based on the popular G-Shock GA-2100 “CasiOak,” with the GA-2140RX in a larger size and the GMA-S2140RX in a smaller size.

Each watch in the series offers a distinct visual appeal, with transparent dials, chapter rings, and hour markers. While the Squares and the Third Eye model provide a clear display, the GA-114RX, GMA-S114RX, and CasiOak models feature an inverted display with a black background. Despite their transparent design, these timepieces maintain the functionality of their original models. The collection will be available initially in Japan on July 7, 2023, before expanding to other regions in the future.

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