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Enjoy the innately satisfying and tactile feeling of spinning a top.

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It’s often the simplest things in life that gives us the most joy, proving that it doesn’t take a whole lot to bring out the child in us. We’ve always had a fascination with spinning tops, especially after watching Inception. There’s something innately satisfying from the tactile experience of spinning a top.

ForeverSpin makes precision-machined spinning tops from solid blocks of 15 different types of materials, with each offering a unique look and feel. For instance, the brass top not only looks unique out of the box, it will develop its own unique patina with use. The different weight of each material should also provide you with a different tactile experience as well, ranging from light to heavy. Have one around the office to whenever you need a quick moment to unwind or collect them all to enjoy the different tactile experiences; whatever you do, it’s simplicity will keep you hooked.