‘FORD v FERRARI’ Official Trailer

After a business deal gone wrong in the 1960s, Ford becomes determined to beat the racing giant at his own game.

A trailer drop few saw coming, FORD v FERRARI looks to be a car lover’s dream flick. There have been racing movies in the past, but few could come close to matching the thrill and powerful impact of this true story.

After a business deal gone wrong in the 1960s (at Ford’s expense), Ford became determined to beat Ferrari at its own game. But Ferrari had long dominated the racing scene. (If you watch any Formula 1 race you know that to still be the case.) Where other American automakers were content with their place away from major racing, Ford wanted to do anything and everything it could to topple the racing giant. That included building a new car and bringing in the best racing drivers in the world.

If you’re a car lover, get ready to feel some shivers run down your back.