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FJORDFIESTA Scandia Senior Vipp Easy Chair

Introducing FJORDFIESTA’s Scandia Senior Vipp Easy Chair

Norwegian furniture designer, Hans Brattrud, designed the Scandia range in 1957 as a school project.

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$ 3,800+

Leading Norwegian design company FJORDFIESTA recently added the Scandia Senior Vipp Easy Chair to its contemporary furniture collection. The brand’s new easy chair comes in laminated lacquered oak or walnut veneer with a satin chrome or black base. FJORDFIESTA’s Scandia Senior Vipp Chair features a swivel base with a tilt function. Users can lock in the forwardmost position for comfort.

This sleek, easy chair also features the choice of a fully colored veneer or one with light edges. Like all of FJORDFIESTA’s designs, the Scandia Senior Vipp is a piece of high-quality furniture and innovative design. This particular design is an original Hans Brattrud, circa 1959. Hans Brattrud began manufacturing the Scandia range in 1961 in Norway, distributing it worldwide until the early 1970s.

Today, FJORDFIESTA is the exclusive manufacturer of the Scandia chair. FJORDFIESTA also designed accessories, including the Scandia Senior headrest in black or dark brown leather and a matching antiskid oval cushion. Plus, the company offers a large, plush sheepskin overlay featuring Norwegian wild sheep leather in a choice of four colorways. And the company added loops to hold it in place. These accessories are for purchase separately. The Scandia Senior Vipp is available through select dealers such as HORNE, which counters the ‘buy disposable’ mentality with authentic pieces that will last a lifetime. HORNE says they’re proud to present a curated selection of the best in modern furniture, and this chair hits that mark.

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