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Shoot Professional-Quality Images With The Fjorden

The Fjorden gives your iPhone real hardware controls for taking great shots.

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$ 141+

Over the years, camera phones have become more advanced, but they still don’t replicate the professional DSLR experience. At least, not until now. Fjorden is an iPhone camera grip that gives the user better control over their images and capturing abilities. Instead of fumbling with touchscreen settings, photographers can utilize various analog buttons and dials. Fjorden’s functions include a two-stage shutter button and a multi-function button. Other features include a customizable control dial, zoom lever, and kickstand capability.

This product works on all iPhone models. Users will have to download the proprietary app to ensure that the buttons and dials actually do something. However, as a fidgeting device, the Fjorden can also work well. As one might imagine from the name, this project hails from Norway, and it recently achieved full backing on Kickstarter. To illustrate how popular this device is, the founder was looking for around $23,000 and received over $180,000. This disparity illustrates how many iPhone users fancy themselves as professional photographers. We will see how many of them can make the cut.

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