Field Notes Mile Marker Edition

Field Notes Mile Marker Edition

The outdoorsman’s favorite rugged notebook, with covers inspired by standard government road signs.

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$ 13

Now that GPS and navigation apps have replaced traditional paper roadmaps, staying safe and on course during that extended road trip has never been easier. But in many ways, it’s tough to beat the old-fashioned paper and ink when it comes to both plotting and memorializing your time out in the wild.

And by that we mean the lovely Field Notes, specifically the Mile Marker Edition Field Notes. This rugged and well-designed notebook is an effective and fun way to chart your route, record your mileage, and note “the various roadside attractions and oddities.”

Offering timeless design and functionality, this limited-edition notebook comes in three different covers, each inspired by different figures from standard government road signs. They even employ Pantone Toyo ink and holographic Crown Mile Marker Foil as specified in the official DOT Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. This means that your Mile Marker will shine just as brightly as roadside mile-markers when reflecting light.