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Ferrari 488 Spider

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The launch of a new Ferrari is a special occasion. The brand has become synonymous with the ultimate motoring expression or the ultimate expression of a midlife crisis, depending on your point of view, yet we all know and recognize a Ferrari. Despite the launch of new Ferraris becoming formulaic and predictable, with a new V8 mid-engined sports car being introduced every four to five years that is followed by a drop top version and a more hardcore version, for some reason the Ferrari magic still makes every new car feel special.

When the 488 GTB was launched just a few months ago, we all anticipated that a spider version will soon follow, just like its predecessor the 458 Italia. Much like its predecessor, which the new car is heavily based on, the 488 Spider features a folding metal roof that retains the lines of the hardtop when closed while still offering limitless headroom when the weather permits. Like the GTB, the spider is powered by a turbocharged V8, still a sore spot for many purists who have lamented the death of naturally aspirated V8 supercars from Ferrari. While initial consensus on the 488 GTB seems to be that is has indeed lost some of the aural charm that only naturally aspirated Ferraris can provide, we can only hope that dropping the top will make the listening experience much more enjoyable.

The Ferrari 488 Spider is set to be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September, so if you feel an impending midlife crisis approaching around the corner, try to time it around September.