Fern Crossroad Allroad Bike

With a roadbike structure and multipurpose textured tires, the Fern Crossroad Allroad Bike boasts excellent traction on all kinds of roads.

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Manufacturer of high-end bicycles in Berlin, Fern was established by a pair of long distance cyclists and design graduates in 2012 after traveling around the Black Sea on a prototype bike of their own design. The result is a company that goes beyond a mere bicycle brand to serve as a “think tank for everything related to traveling on two wheels.”

The Fern Crossroad Allroad Bike is the latest model in a Fern line of bicycles that is now 38 models deep. True to its name, this bike has been tailor made to go “fast as fu**k on all kind of roads!” With a state-of-the-art roadbike structure and multipurpose textured tires that measure 42mm wide, you’ll get excellent traction on a range of surfaces and surface conditions.