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Felix Gray Computer Glasses

These glasses act as a protective barrier against the harmful affects of staring at a monitor all day.

Our eyes are at rest when staring at 20 feet into the distance, yet most of our daily interaction happens inches from our face. With constant assaults on our eyes from electronic devices, whether it’s your phone, computer screen, tablet, or TV, we overwork the muscles in our eyes and diminishing their health. Unfortunately, unless you unplug every device and set up shop in the middle of a mountain, there’s no easy way to give your eyes a much needed rest.

That’s why Felix Gray has designed a line of Computer Glasses to act as a protective barrier between your eyes and the devices that you interact with on a daily basis. Not only do these Felix Gray glasses filter blue light — which affects your sleep or can even lead to retinal cell death — that all screens emit, it reduces glare, and offers light magnification for more clarity without straining your eyes. So whether you’re glued to the computer all day at work for or addicted to your smartphone, give your eyes a well-deserved break with these glasses. Your eyes will thank you.