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Evergoods X-Pac Collection

Evergoods X-Pac Collection Elevates Adventure Gear To New Heights

The collection is constructed using X-Pac fabric, a cutting-edge material inspired by advanced performance-forward sailcloth technology.

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The American company Evergoods has firmly established its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality outdoor gear and apparel. Having worked with iconic companies such as Patagonia and GORUCK, they’ve delivered another outstanding line of backpacks with the X-Pac Collection.

Reflecting their trademark combination of strength and durability, the X-Pac collection includes a 24-liter backpack along with two Civic Access pouches for day-to-day casual use. The designs, which draw inspiration from sailcloth technology, promise an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, fully waterproofed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. This weatherproofing is applied consistently throughout the design, which features water-repellent zippers and an RC coil for additional peace of mind when trekking or commuting in the elements.

While the lush green exterior finish makes the Evergoods X-Pac Collection ideal for heading into the wilderness, the inclusion of a Hot Orange interior lining further enhances the practicality of these versatile packs. This high-visibility interior lining featured in the OD Green collection makes it easy to instantly pick out the gear you need, even in dim lighting conditions. The oval-shaped design further adds to the premium build quality while reducing the chances of wear and tear over time.

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