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Elastic Precision Model PPK Rubber Band Gun

Band. James Band. Unleash your inner James Bond with this Walther PPK Rubber Band Gun.

As adolescents, it wasn’t difficult for us to find a way to turn the most mundane of objects into a play thing. Give us a rubber band, and we were able to extract hours of entertainment from it, turning our hand into a crude rubber band shooter. Our adolescent tendencies may still be with us, but as men, we’re called upon to elevate our toys, which is why if you’re going to play with rubber bands you need to do so in style with the Elastic Precision Model PPK Rubber Band Gun.

Modeled after James Bond’s weapon of choice, the Walther PPK, this rubber band gun allows you to unleash your inner James Bond and shoot five rubber bands up to 20 ft. All you need is a shaken martini in one hand while you hold this PPK in the other, and let the fun times roll.