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El Purista

El Purista RA 1.15 Smokers Armchair

As we have featured on IMOBLDN Digest not too long ago, a man’s chair is the one item in his home that can define him. His taste in interior design may be important, but a chair has to be comfortable before all else, so it can cosset our tired body while we watch a movie, take a much needed siesta, or even while we passionately stare into space pondering about life’s biggest mysteries.

Designed by a Chilean architect and a German attorney, El Purista RA 1.15 Smokers Armchair ticks off all of the boxes that makes for a great man’s chair. Designed for cigar aficionados first and foremost, the chair is made from molded beechwood and walnut with drawers made from Spanish cedar wood, while the surfaces are covered in eco-friendly aniline leather for high breathability and comfort for those long sitting sessions. The drawers are designed to hide out of sight for a sleek and modern profile, but can hold your cigar and glass of cognac when needed. We’re getting comfortable just thinking about this chair.