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Dueling Slim Double Finger Ring

Challenge accepted. Accessories that any man should be proud to wear.

Although our ideals as a society has shifted from the old ‘men must be men’ mentality, we still find most guys uncomfortable with wearing accessories. The only items that they might feel comfortable wearing are a wedding band and a respectable watch, even if that. Seems like there’s still a misconception that accessories, such as rings or bracelets, are ‘girly’ and that it somehow negatively affects how secure we should feel about our manhood.

For those that still feel this way, let us introduce you to the masculine and beautifully crafted accessories from Dueling. Based out of New York City, where each item is hand crafted, their products reflect their values of honor, courage, integrity, and legacy. Their Slim Double Finger Ring proudly wears the mark of a sword, embodying the idea of dueling and assuring men that these rings are anything but girly. The unique two-fingered sleek design is also a testament that a ring need not feel feminine, allowing you to accessorize and make a stylistic statement without feeling like you’re balls just dropped off. It should also several as a reminder to be courteous and careful in how you conduct your personal matters every day; someone may just challenge you to a duel!