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DSPTCH Strap Accessories

DSPTCH Strap Accessories

Simplify your everyday carry with carious straps and accessories.

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$8 - $52

Life in the city means that we’re always carrying around a jacket, camera, keys, sneakers, etc. on the go. Shoving all of your every day gear in your bag is one way to go about it, but things might break in the over stuffed bag that’s already full, and quick and easy access to items on the go can be difficult. You could carry your most frequently used items in your hands, but with constant phone calls, texts, and e-mails to tend to, hand carrying these items is an unpractical solution too.

Design brand DSPTCH is well known for their functional accessories that are not only practical but also extremely durable. Their newest set of strap accessories follow the same principle, with durability and dependability that should be able to withstand the apocalypse. These straps attach to your backpack or person to free up your hands while carrying a variety of items for easy access. The range covers a wide range of accessories for your various gears, including a shoe strap, key chain set, utility belt, stabilizer strap, gated D-ring, and more.

The sight of carrying around your gear on the DSPTCH Strap might make you look like a Christmas tree, but the new range of accessories from DSPTCH will provide you with the ultimate in practicality and flexibility.