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Sure, we all have labels that we know and love. There are tried-and-true brands that produce the Best Jeans in the World or the softest tees that you can’t live without. Those deserve that pride of place in your closet. But there’s always a little bit of spare room for experimentation, right?

Enter the new wave of menswear brands. They’re poised to make a bold statement and break through the clutter in 2020. Companies emerge all the time, but the most impressive are those that produce garments and accessories that offer something spectacular and unexpected. It’s these little shake-ups that keep our collective wardrobes interesting and tap into a side of ourselves that we may not have even realized we needed to satiate. Here, five of the brands we’re keeping our eyes on this year.

Vinti Andrews

There’s just no reason not to be more in tune with the idea of bettering the planet, no matter how you go about it. You’re recycling the bottles and walking to work, but are you wearing Vinti Andrews? The English brand, founded by Vinti Tan and Paul Andrews, draws on the fine art of repurposing high-end attire and reconstructed garments, breathing new life into pieces that, once upon a time, would have ended up in a landfill.

The Vinti Andrews way is very much the modern way, and it’s seen in their collection of undoubtedly sporty tops and bottoms. There’s the Black Paper Zip Up Hooded Jacket ($317), constructed purely of Tyvek paper, a recyclable, waterproof material made with non-woven fibers. Then there are the Patched Remake Trousers ($213), made with retro denim and put together in the most wonderfully hodgepodge manner. All you need is a white tee and you’re good to go. The overall casual range speaks loud and clear to the younger set, making it easy to bring a little bit of that eco-goodness to their wardrobes.


There’s a certain uplifting energy and joyous spirit that designer Charaf Tajer brings to Casablanca, his new menswear range. Having founded Pigalle over a decade ago, Tajer was certainly no stranger to creating a successful brand. But Casablanca brings something entirely fresh to the fold: the designs are undeniably bright, taking tropical influences from the namesake’s rich beauty—it’s also where his parents first met—and his appreciation for Parisian luxury.

The results are astounding in their creativity. Take a peek at the Courts Green Silk Shirt ($660), made with pure silk and balancing the simplicity and classy appeal of a crisp tennis white. Savor some subtlety? The Orange Grove Hooded Sweatshirt ($302) is the perfect option. It’s available in a variety of shades and is made with a thick jersey cotton fabric for all-day comfort.


When you think of sandals, you probably think of 1) the flip flops you break out at the first sign of spring and 2) your Birks or some variation thereof. It’s fair to say that there is plenty of room in your closet for something a little different. Time to get acquainted with GOYA, a footwear brand based in Madrid. The silhouettes take their inspiration from the traditional Menorcan style, more often known as menorquinas.

What was once a peasant shoe has been reinterpreted in the freshest and most contemporary way. There are colors and textures to consider, but the standouts are the materials: options like croc-stamped and nappa leathers lend even the most casual sandals a certain luxurious appeal. For simplicity and versatility, step into a pair of Crococdilia Marron Goya Slides ($313).

Deveau New York

If you grew up with the belief that simple is best, you aren’t alone. There’s beauty to be found in the traditional. But even in that sphere, there’s room to grow, challenge your notions, and expand your wardrobe to include pieces that might be unexpected, but that still fall within the realms of “simplicity.” It’s precisely why Deveau New York is such an appealing and straightforward option.

Founded by Matthew Breen and Andrea Tsao, the label produces an impressive range of sleek, no-fuss pieces that are designed to stay the course—that is, to become a permanent fixture in your closet. The Chenille Crew ($495) is available in several shades, including this perfect dark pine that looks right at home with everything from khakis to jeans.


Marrying old to new, drawing on the artisanal creativity of centuries past, and bringing to life new interpretations of traditional shapes, Bode is a groundbreaking company in so many ways. First to note: Designer Emily Bode was the very first woman designer to show at New York Fashion Week Men’s. Each piece is unique and made to perfection in New York City.

The Beaded Wool Shirt ($572) is a fashion guy’s dream—but it’s more than just an interesting conversation piece. Havana styling aside, it’s crafted of thick navy wool and is decorated with kids’ beads dating from the 1950s. How’s that for a little history?