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Everything old is new again. It might be the theme of this Fall 2022 season. There were many classic looks featured on the menswear runways, but luckily there is always something fresh and new to look forward to. This coming season has some interesting, envelope-pushing pieces that you may want to add to your collection. And why not take a chance? After all, that’s what makes fashion exciting. The ability to change what you wear all the time can bring new life to your wardrobe, and makes you feel like a new man in the process.

It’s a win-win for men’s looks this fall. Plus, everyone is getting out into the world more now after the pandemic, so many items are geared toward traveling or going out. Head-turning looks are on the menu for fall. Here are some of the best men’s style trends to look forward to in a fall 2022 style guide.

Chunky Knit Sweaters

Chunky sweaters, also called architectural knits, have always been a staple of the East coast. Think Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard for those days where you’re tooling around on your sailboat in the fall. This trend works well for fall when the temperatures are naturally starting to cool down from the dog days of summer. Chris Evans in the movie “Knives Out” is the perfect example of this trend when his character wore the most gorgeous lived-in chunky cream-colored sweater. It was a crew neck, woven Gaelic island style, that had a thick braided yarn, which is the perfect example of this popular style. People were obsessed with this look when the movie came out in 2019, and now it’s all over the men’s style scene.

This type of heavy sweater is something that you want to take care of the right way. They need to be folded and not hung up in your closet, which can ruin the knitting of the piece, stretching it out at the shoulders. The JW Anderson Hand Knit Mock Neck Jumper ($1160) is a colorful sweater to rock this trend with a relaxed fit and cable neckline. Heavyweight Italian yarn was handknitted to create this trendy piece, in off-white, with colorful crochet applique lettering on the front and back. You will turn heads in this bold sweater.

Power Silhouette

This is an 80s trend with some pizazz. It’s the power silhouette, a look that’s achieved through big shoulder pads, simple as that. This is everywhere right now in menswear. Find it in suit coats, sports jackets, regular jackets, and even in trenches. It’s an extra broad shoulder that will add some oomph to your stature.

A double-breasted coat is another big trend this season, and this Dolce & Gabbana Houndstooth-Check Double-Breasted Coat ($3400) is a killer way to wear both. It’s a powerful silhouette all the way, thanks to the obvious wide shoulder pads in it. So, even if you aren’t working out as much as you should, this jacket will add bulk to your frame in an attractive way.

Everything Leather

Leather pieces are an investment, not only because they look amazing, but leather lasts for as long as you take care of it. With leather being so popular right now on the runways, you can find exceptional leather pieces in all kinds of clothing items and jackets. The most modern way to wear leather right now is with some edgy leather trousers. The materials aren’t stiff and stuffy though. Think of supple leather, like butter, made out of the silkiest soft lambskin.

Rick Owens Aircut Leather Trousers ($1575) are the ideal pair to wear with just about anything this fall. The Italian designer made a name for himself with his signature leather jacket, so you had better believe this is a pair of pants that you’ll own forever in this darkly glamorous look.


This might seem like a style that should have stayed in the early 90s, but it’s back with a vengeance. Luckily, the new overall look makes use of some interesting materials, and not just the standard denim or cotton. Prada, Kenzo, and Dolce & Gabbana all had versions of this comfortable style.

For a utilitarian look in overalls, Prada Re-Nylon Overalls ($2650) in black are a sleek and sexy way to wear this fall trend. They are made of “Re-Nylon” which is a sustainable thread made from recycled plastic materials collected from the ocean. Trash to treasure. The overalls have brushed silver buckles and the iconic triangle logo right on the front pocket with wide-fit legs and a zippered fly. You can also unzip them around the knees to convert them into shorts for those hot Indian summer days in the fall.


Clogs are back, baby! This season’s clogs are made of more upscale materials and can transition from casual to more dressed-up looks easily. Think of this new breed of clogs like a designer slipper rather than something an old art teacher would wear. Dior even did a collab with the famed and comfy sandal brand, Birkenstock, for a team-up clog that features a Tokio Mule style in nubuck calfskin and wool. It’s absolutely heavenly to wear.

Might as well go for the best in this look with the Dior by Birkenstock Tokio Mule ($1100) in black, gray, or greige. The greige color is especially modern and is a combination of gray and beige with a reinforced toe, aluminum buckle, and a special Dior logo rivet. Relaxed and elegant with comfort in mind, since the footbed is EVA on the outsole and will sculpt over time right to the shape of your foot. Who doesn’t want to walk on clouds all season long while traveling the world? Or maybe just down the street for dinner out with friends.