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Facial hair is having a moment right now. It’s estimated that in the United States alone, 33 percent of men are rocking some kind of beard, mustache, goatee, or specific scruff. Going even further than that, worldwide the percentage goes up to 55 percent of facial hair wearers. The men’s grooming industry has exploded with new products and ways to care for this bounty of handsome facial hair.

Trying to find just the right products to groom a beard especially can be daunting. There are so many ways to style a beard that leaving it unruly is just out of the question as a professional man in the business world today. You’ll want to look your best with a beard that complements your features. The way to do that is by using the right beard oil. This cosmetic grooming product is used to keep your beard conditioned and soft, and the skin healthy underneath as well. Here’s our round-up of the best beard oil available to men today.

Baxter of California Beard Grooming Oil

Baxter of California is an award-winning men’s skincare company. They have a variety of products that are very highly rated, including their Baxter of California Beard Grooming Oil. It’s made with a blend of squalane and avocado oil, is great for any skin type, and absorbs quickly. There’s nothing worse than a greasy beard. The scent of the product is pretty traditionally masculine with notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, and a little bit of jasmine that’s not overpowering. You don’t have to worry about smelling it all day long after you put it on twice a day morning and night.

Jack Black Beard Oil

This is one of the most recognized men’s skincare brands on the shelves today. And no, Jack Black the funny actor and leader of the spoof band, “Tenacious D” does not own this company. In fact, Jack Black the skincare company has been around for over 20 years and is the number one selling men’s skincare line. Their Jack Black Beard Oil was even voted one of the year’s best for 2020 by GQ Magazine in their grooming awards. The blend of this specific beard oil is Kalahari melon oil, vitamin E, plum oil, and marula oil. It’s meant to protect the skin and beard from free radicals in the environment with antioxidants and organic oils. Your beard will feel hydrated and the skin underneath less itchy.

V76 by Vaughn Beard Oil

You may not have heard of this company before, but they make an extensive line of men’s skin and haircare products, including the V76 by Vaughn Beard Oil. Their entire line is made in the United States which was created by Vaughn, a celebrity men’s hairstylist. He has worked with such famous clients as Bruce Springsteen, President Bill Clinton, and Ashton Kutcher, just to name a few. The products are smartly created without any parabens, mineral oils, or sulfates with ingredients that are sourced throughout America. Everything is vegan, if that’s of any importance for you, in your grooming essentials. The beard oil is an oil blend of castor, safflower seed, and canola oil with a scent that is blue cedar. Manly. Straight-forward. Effective. This may become your go-to beard oil once you try it.

Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil Mint Blend

One of the most affordable beard oils to buy is Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil in a mint blend. If you like a more zesty facial oil experience this is the one you should use. It’s got a mint and tea tree oil blend, so if you are more prone to acne underneath your beard, this product will help to treat that problem. The oils in this one are mainly argan and jojoba oils. Both of those oils are considered non-comedogenic and won’t clog your pores. This is a company that started with their Original Shave Cream, and then they expanded into a wide variety of men’s and women’s grooming products. They feel like all of their beard care products are of “barbershop-grade quality.”

Northern Fir Quality Beard Oil

When you want to go with a more independent beard oil brand, Northern Fir Quality Beard Oil is the one to try. It’s a boutique brand made in Austin, Texas, so it’s not something that every guy will have on their bathroom shelves. It has a woodsy scent and notes of black pepper, juniper, and cedarwood with a non-greasy feel that lasts all day long. The proprietary blend of nine plant-based oils used in their facial grooming product includes 100 percent cold-pressed argan and jojoba oils that are very high quality. Having an independent mindset gives this unique company the drive to make their products in small-batch quantities with the utmost care by two men with PhDs that love the outdoors, hence the name “northern fir.”

Blind Barber Beard Oil

You probably don’t want to ever go to an actual blind barber, but the company makes an exceptional Blind Barber Beard Oil. The list of ingredients in this beard oil sounds like something that would be great in a morning muffin. With pumpkin seed and avocado oil, this beard oil is super hydrating and also leaves a clean feel. The company advertises that you can use it directly on your skin to make it softer without even having any facial hair at all. So if you’re a man who alternates between having a beard and going bare-faced, this is the one you want in your medicine cabinet.

Port Products Conditioning Beard Absolute

With a fancy name and an accessible price point, the Port Products Conditioning Beard Absolute is a winner. It’s mainly a blend of argan and grapeseed oils with a masculine scent of Australian sandalwood and bergamot. You can even use it all over your skin as a moisturizer. That’s a nice bonus for the simple man who doesn’t want to have a bunch of skincare products to use every day.