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It’s getting blustery out there, which means it’s time to upgrade your outerwear so you can face those brisk fall winds and the brutal winter chill in style. Yes, style — it’s not just an afterthought where men’s quilted jackets are concerned. Modern iterations are so much more than just functional. They pack a punch where your comfort is concerned, of course, with heavy-duty detailing that locks in body heat so you stay warm when it matters the most.

But these are no slouches in the fashion department. Quilting has a decidedly reserved, almost conservative connotation, but you’ll find that contemporary styles are anything but quiet and refined. You’ll find styles that range from classic to sophisticated, each with their own unique advantages. Here are a handful to keep in mind as temperatures begin to plummet.

Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket

Cold weather that calls for something more substantial than a windbreaker but lighter than a heavyweight jacket may be tricky to navigate. What exactly fits that bill? Try the Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket. This stylish piece features a waxed canvas shell, a hardy and durable material that’s designed to withstand everything from heavy wind gusts to rain showers. The water-resistant material is only part of its appeal; it’s also lined with recycled Primaloft®, a lightweight insulating barrier that helps you remain warm without adding unwanted bulk to your frame. An abundance of pockets make it easy to stow away your essentials, while adjustable wrist closures ensure a fabulous fit.

Howler Brothers Lightning Quilted Jacket

A sleek interpretation that provides just the right amount of warmth throughout fall, the Howler Brothers Lightning Quilted Jacket exudes a sense of laid-back cool. It’s designed with an intricate and eye-catching “lightning” quilt pattern that sets it apart from the rest. The brand created this jacket with intention—their hope was to develop the ultimate night-out-watching-the-stars jacket, and this piece doesn’t disappoint. The beautiful color, aptly called Gulf Blue, is equally dynamic, what with its rich, not-quite-green and not-quite-blue pitch. It falls somewhere in the middle, with a distinctly smoky vibe that, again, puts it in another category altogether. Throw on a pair of khakis or jeans and you’ll be ready for anything.

Barbour Denill Polar Fleece Quilted Jacket

If you’re all about the classics, the Barbour Denill Polar Fleece Quilted Jacket won’t disappoint. This substantial piece of outerwear is a must if you tend to spend a good chunk of the season working in the wind, handling occasional rainfall, and generally attempting to stay comfortable no matter what the day brings. It’s designed for your lifestyle in mind, with a practical and traditional silhouette, a combination zipper and stud closing mechanism, and polar fleece lining to lock in body heat so that you stay as warm as possible on even the chilliest of days.

Patagonia Isthmus Quilted Shirt Jacket

It’s the middle ground that’s often trickiest to navigate. It’s that delicate place where you definitely want the warmth of a coat, but don’t necessarily want the associated bulk. This Patagonia Isthmus Quilted Shirt Jacket falls somewhere in the middle, providing you with the benefits of wind and water resistance while adding the cozy elements you typically find in heavy-duty coats. The lining is made with high-pile fleece for enhanced warmth, while the THERMOLITE® ECO92 insulation is constructed with partially recycled polyester. Not only is it an environmentally friendly choice, but it will help you stay warm during those crisp fall days that call for a little more than a jacket. It’s great over a long-sleeve top.

Eddie Bauer 1936 Skyliner Model Down Jacket

Eddie Bauer touts their 1936 Skyliner Model Down Jacket as the very first down jacket ever patented in the United States. That alone makes it worthy of a second glance. It evokes the time-honored appeal of the classic bomber jackets of yesteryear, but features updated extras that lend it greater warmth and comfort than anything from the past. From premium down insulation to rib knitting at the collar, hem, and cuffs, it’s designed with comfort in mind from top to bottom. The fit is its most appealing feature: it’s straight cut, yet not so relaxed or fitted that it looks sloppy or snug. That middle ground is just perfect.

L.L. Bean Upcountry Waxed-Cotton Down Jacket

Never underestimate the value of down. It’s among the most practical and cozy materials you’ll find, and it’s destined to make winter far more tolerable. It’s also a great choice for late fall, especially when you choose something as refined as the L.L. Bean Upcountry Waxed-Cotton Down Jacket. While it offers all of the advantages of a heavier weight coat, it’s decidedly lighter than its counterparts. It’s made with water-resistant DownTek down for incredible warmth and dryness, and is designed to resist wind at the same time. You’ll remain dry even when it’s pouring out there. Better still, it wins big in the style department as it develops a slight patina as it ages. The result is a handsome, heritage-driven topper you’ll trust to keep you toasty for years to come.

Moncler Breitman Quilted Moto Jacket

Spare no expense if it’s luxury and refinement that you’re after. The Moncler Breitman Quilted Moto Jacket is the only piece of outerwear you’ll ever need. It’s made with weather-resistant quilted weave that helps you stay warm and dry on the coolest days of the year. A stand-up collar adds to your comfort, while a two-way zipper locks in body heat. Details like side pockets and snap-barrel cuffs ensure practicality and an exceptional fit. Best of all, it’s machine washable, so no matter what comes its way you can be certain it will hold up well through the years.