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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the amateur chef in your life? Whether they’re a culinary whiz in the making or just someone who loves experimenting in the kitchen, we’ve got you covered with a curated list of cooking gifts that will elevate their kitchen game to a whole new level. From high-tech kitchen gadgets to high-quality cookware, these items are sure to impress any aspiring chef. So, if you want to surprise your loved one with gifts that combine practicality and style, read on for IMBOLDN’s editors’ top recommendations.

Fritaire Self-Cleaning Glass Bowl Air Fryer

With its impressively large 5.5-quart capacity glass container, this air fryer makes it easy and exciting to watch the food during the entire cooking process. In addition, it has a self-cleaning function that sanitizes the bowl with hot air stream circulation, making cleanup a breeze.

Anova Precision Cooker 3.0

This third generation of Anova’s flagship sous vide circulator adds key improvements including dual band WiFi and a two-line touchscreen display. Highly regarded for its highly precise temperature control and gentle circulating water, the sous vide technique is your best defense against overcooked meat, fish, and vegetables.

Smithey Ironware Co. No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet

The ultimate workhorse in any kitchen, Smithey’s No. 12 is a star. From cooktop to campfire, with its signature polished interior finish, the skillet, when seasoned, is naturally non-stick and free of chemical coatings. 

Barebones Cast Iron Wood

Made from beautiful, durable walnut polished with mineral oil, this double-sided bevel scraper is designed for use with cast iron, non-stick, and ceramic pans. This will soon become one of your go-to kitchen essentials.

Barebones No. 7 Nakiri Knife

The square shape and straight edge of this knife make it ideal for chopping cumbersome vegetables when the rocking motion of a chef’s knife won’t do. Use it to quickly work through sweet potatoes, butternut squash, or large zucchini. It’s finished with a handsome resin-infused Pakkawood handle with a textured grain.

The Kudu Grill

Let the Kudu Grill do it all for you – sautés, sears, fries, boils, smokes, and steams all at the same time with adjustable temperatures. The sturdy base holds the burning wood, while the elevation bars allow you to adjust the food over the fire for varying cooking styles and temperatures.

Barebones Suede Leather Hot Pad

Protect tables, countertops, and hands with this beautiful, timeless leather trivet. Double insulation prevents heat passage to wooden tables and delicate countertops. Ideal as a potholder for use with heavy cast iron handles and lids. 

Bricknic Cooking Brick Premium

A versatile, easy-to-use culinary tool. Just chop up your favorite ingredients, put them in the Brick, then place it on any heat source and you’ll get a delicious dish ready in under 30 minutes. Made of natural clay, it’s nourishing too, locking in nutrients, vitamins, and pure flavor.

Flint and Tinder Waxed Apron

The Waxed Apron is made from tough 7 oz Martexin Original Waxed Sailcloth with durable cotton neck and waist straps, one large chest pocket, and two pen pockets.  Making it even more functional, there are three large, handy utensil pockets situated at the waist.

Our Place Perfect Pot

A truly perfect pot that combines every pot you’d ever need…and then some. From boiling to baking, steaming to braising, there’s simply no end to this pot’s range of possibilities. It includes a self-basting, steam-release lid with a built-in strainer and a Beechwood spoon designed to notch two ways.

Farmsteady Fermented Hot Sauce Making Kit

With this DIY kit, there’s no limit on all the different ways to customize homemade hot sauce. Fermenting your hot sauces gives them an umami depth, knocks just a bit of the edge off the chiles, and marries all the flavors for complex hot sauces you’ll want to put on everything.

Berkel Home Line 200 Meat Slicer

This food slicer slices a wide range of foods, including prosciutto, meat, cold cuts, fish, ham, cheese, bread, fruit, and veggies, making it a must-have kitchen tool for any home cook. Small in size, making it easy to store and perfect for households with limited space.

Evermill Complete Countertop Spice Rack with Spices

Equally elegant on your countertop or mounted to your wall, our Counter Top Rack keeps your spices organized and close at hand. The complete collection of 18 freshly milled, 100% organic spices includes allspice, bay leaves, Captain’s Blend, cayenne, cinnamon, cloves, coriander seeds, cumin, Evermill Blend, harissa, Italian seasoning, mustard seeds, nutmeg, oregano, paprika, red pepper flakes, sumac, and turmeric.

KUDU Cutting Board and Side Stand

The KUDU Bamboo Cutting Board is your essential grilling companion, providing a convenient surface for meal prep right next to your KUDU 1 and 2 grills. Both durable and eco-friendly, this cutting board will stand up to the rigors of outdoor grilling.

Material Angled Board

Material’s elegant, hefty board is made with naturally black-stained walnut and is thoughtfully built for both serious prep and simple serving. With a smooth side and a grooved side, it’s ideal for cutting a juicy watermelon, carving a steak, or plating charcuterie.