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If there’s any chance on planet earth that you happen to have a dispensable income that rivals that of someone with an inordinate amount of wealth to their name, then you probably don’t do run-of-the-mill gifts. Odds are you only go all out when treating the ones you love. For your lucky friends and family, only the best will do — and usually that means only the most lavish, over-the-top gifts are worthy of your time and attention. We’ve rounded up a handful that we wouldn’t mind finding in our stockings this year.

Embraer x Porsche Duet

Life is all about making choices. Some are content with a set of wheels that gets them from A to B. Others require something decidedly more upscale to do the job. It certainly doesn’t hurt when that upgrade comes courtesy of Embraer, who have teamed up with Porsche to deliver something out of this world. The Embraer x Porsche Duet includes a Phenom 300E light jet — incidentally the top-selling of its kind this year — and a complementary Porsche 911 Turbo S to round it out. One flies, one drives, but both share plenty of common traits, including a certain unadulterated sleekness that’s impossible to resist. Only 10 of these limited-edition pairings exist.

Igneous Airah Tub

There are few experiences that rival the sensation of soaking into a warm bath at the end of a long day. It’s a transformative indulgence that can bring about genuine physical and emotional change. Yet much of that effect depends on the quality of the vessel itself. Enter the Igneous Airah Tub, a highly contemporary structure that essentially redefines self-care. This extraordinary piece bears an unconventional, shapely silhouette with thin walls. Made with concrete, its symmetrical design allows for easy reclining. The tub also features a high-fidelity sound system to elevate the experience further. Users can control the heat setting using the Nest-compatible thermostat featuring a color screen.

Studypod by Livit

Think of this as the ultimate man cave. The Studypod by Livit is as 21st century a creation as we’ve seen — and it arrives just in time to rescue millions of people from the confines of their living quarters. Sure, this itself could double as a miniature home of sorts, but it’s really so much more than that. For starters, it’s designed with portability in mind. It features a single floor-to-ceiling window that provides the user with an ample view of his natural surroundings. Placing the Studypod in a garden or a forest is highly encouraged, as it’s thought that one’s environment can play a significant role in elevating mood. This compact space is just large enough to serve as an office, a bedroom, a yoga studio, or anything your recipient’s imagination dreams up.

Canali Made to Measure Suit

For the fashionable gentleman who’s done picking up the odd piece off the rack and who’s ready to enter an entirely different world of pure sartorial bliss comes the Canali Made to Measure service. Specialists connect directly with their clients with the intention of creating completely bespoke pieces that speak directly to their preferences. Factors like fabrics, fit, and style are all taken into account when crafting coats, sweaters, shirts, pants, and suit jackets. Each piece is handcrafted to perfection in Italy.

Savoir Bed

There’s no question that beds are, indeed, very personal things. In that regard, they’re a lot like fragrances. It can be a tricky beast to conquer if your goal is to purchase one for someone on your list who’s especially deserving. Yet a Savoir Bed could well be just the thing. These one-of-a-kind structures don’t sit in a dusty warehouse awaiting their big day. They’re completely handcrafted after a detailed consultation that includes a thorough analysis of everything from the recipient’s décor preferences to their favorite fabrics to their preferred dimensions. Luxurious materials convey grace and sophistication, while expert design techniques contribute to quality beds that are built to last.

Red Savannah Glorious Isolation Trip

Restoration. Rejuvenation. Relaxation. They’re all perks that result from a truly nurturing getaway that connects on a deeper level than, say, a trip to the nearby lake. While every vacation holds importance, the Red Savannah Glorious Isolation Trips offers something truly distinctive for the discerning traveler. This is an opportunity for those who are in need of some serious TLC to truly escape from the chaos and clutter of the real world. They’ll find themselves immersed in breathtaking, awe-inspiring locales that seem straight from storybooks. Why not a hut on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia? Perhaps a lodge in the Australian Blue Mountains? What about a charming log cabin in the Swedish Lapland? The options are so inspiring, you may be tempted to book one yourself.

Bowlus Endless Highways Bespoke Performance Edition

For those who prefer to enjoy their adventures on land comes the Bowlus Endless Highways Bespoke Performance Edition. This dynamic version of the beloved Endless Highways RV includes updates that set it apart from nearly anything else — think luxury skylights in the main cabin, sleek wood covers, an electrical power system that supports off-grid exploration, and features for an outdoor kitchen. The vehicle also includes an en suite bathroom that replicates what you might find in a high-end hotel, along with stunning attention to detail throughout.