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What’s up fellow gamers? The long awaited sequel to Titan Fall is finally here, and if we take a trip down memory lane, you should remember that the first installment brought us the Advanced Movement System that the industry soon took notice of and replicated like spreading wildfire. Titanfall 2 improves upon the first installment and once again delivers more groundbreaking gameplay.

Titanfall 2

The one down side of the first installment was the lack of a single player campaign. Not only is there one this time around, but it is fun and very involving. We have to admit that our hopes weren’t high going in, since our expectations were lowered from the first installment, but our worries were quickly put to rest. You start the game playing as a regular rifleman that’s on an unofficial training program. When the pilot that was training you dies, you are forced into taking up the controls of a Titan called BT7274. Without spoiling the game for you with too many details, the events that follow really forge the bond between Jack Cooper, the would be pilot that you control, and your Titan.

The story is held together well enough and the action set pieces are amazing. The gameplay is centered around platforming and gunplay, all which are done beautifully and are smooth from start to finish. Even the platforming parts are not annoying because the controls are so tight and responsive. Basically, if you die, it’s because you messed up. And that’s a good thing. The graphics and sounds pull you in this high octane story, and the boss battles play out like multiplayer battles.

Titanfall 2

Speaking of multiplayer, Respawn has hit a home run. In the first installment, functionally the game was great. The only thing that was lacking was customization and a variety of weapons and classes. Again, these issues were addressed. From seven different pilots to choose from and another six different titans, you have your pick of the litter to choose which pilot and Titan lend themselves to your gaming style. Pilots have different abilities from cloaking to raw speed, while titans range from those that are like walking tanks to fast moving hit and run machines. As far as weapons go, you have the run of the mill assault rifles, sub machine guns, SMGs, and etc, but you also get grenadier classes this time around.

From seven different pilots to choose from and another six different titans, you have your pick of the litter to choose which pilot and Titan lend themselves to your gaming style.

All that comes second to the smoothness of the gameplay itself. Unlike other titles that feel a bit out of sort with this movement, here it feels natural where it’s easy to chain together a series of jumps and slides, but hard enough that there is a learning curve to become more efficient at it. This is the great thing about this game, because there is a skill gap for those who become better at it but not hard enough so that a new player can’t catch up to established players. It all boils down to the time spent playing the game, which is what we all want in one form or another.

Titanfall 2

The game functions well with very little lag, and the developers are fixing elements in the game that players find unbalanced fairly quickly. Let’s not forget the large amount of visual customization features, like camos for your weapons, pilots, and titans. Some are unlocked as you play while for others you must successfully complete a challenge to get.

Our advice is get your credit card ready and go to your local game store now. This is a must buy for fans of first person shooters for sure. We give Titanfall 2 a 9 out of 10. Happy gaming.