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As a host or entertainer, you know how important it is to set up a home bar. Even if you’re only serving up beverages to yourself, there’s something about the sheer ambiance and sophistication of it all that instantly enhances the experience.

While yours may be stocked with all of the spirits and liqueurs needed to concoct a variety of cocktails that would make even the savviest bartender envious, there’s a lot to be said for the necessary essentials, too. Without those, you can’t quite serve things up with the same finesse or, let’s face it, even the same degree of preparation. Here are the must-have items no home bar should be without.

Gravity Bar Tool Essentials Set

When in doubt, go for the gold. As bar tools go, few can compete with the sheer elegance and functionality of The Muted Home Gravity Bar Tool Essentials Set. The setup is simply exquisite, from the hefty white marble base to the contrasting gilded pieces suspended from above. Included are a strainer, a jigger, a muddler, and a bottle opener. The effect is sleek, polished, and refined, making it the perfect choice if you need to upgrade a somewhat lackluster bar or want to thrill someone with the ultimate housewarming gift.

W&P The Bartender’s Knife

Every bartender needs at least one exceptional knife. The Bartender’s Knife seems an apt solution in so many ways, from its name to, most importantly, its fine construction. This exquisite accessory meets the demands of the avid fruit cutter, whether it’s a simple slice of citrus fruit for garnishing an orange cocktail or chopped strawberries for a juicy vodka tonic. No matter what’s on the menu, this knife is prepared for the challenge ahead. It’s made with a perfect trio of steel, polished brass, and water-resistant hardwood, making it the ultimate companion for any slightly chaotic work space. The multipurpose blade is ideal for countless tasks, making cocktail prep a breeze.

Bitters "Triple Play" Variety 3-Pack

What’s a bar without bitters? These spirits are everything — the secret ingredient in the cocktails for which you’re most renowned. Infused with botanicals, the Triple Play Bitters Variety Pack offers a little bit of everything. You’ll receive a bottle of Angostura, whose unique blend of herbs and spices was discovered in Venezuela in 1824; a bottle of spicy Regans’ orange bitters to add a little bit of zest and pep to your drinks; and a bottle of Peychaud’s, a New Orleans baby that’s been around since the 19th century.

TheBarsentials Cocktail Strainer Set

Your bar, your way. TheBarsentials Cocktail Strainer Set is a compact kit packed with everything you need to strain ice, herbs, fruit, and other ingredients from your freshly prepared concoctions. The set also includes a sleek mixing spoon that’s perfect for helping you make your favorite recipes a reality. Each piece is constructed with highly durable stainless steel, which is designed to stand the test of time and resist common issues like corrosion and warping. Toss them into the dishwasher when you’re done — they’ll look as good as new every time.

Nude Glass Malt Whiskey Bottle with Wooden Tray

Everyone needs at least one elegant source from which to serve their drinks. Enter the Nude Glass Malt Whiskey Bottle with Wooden Tray. The Turkish brand is renowned for its stunning handmade glass wares. Designed to stand the test of time, this substantial crystalline glass bottle is beautifully shaped and includes a sturdy wooden tray that’s perfect for holding both the vessel and a whiskey glass alongside it. As sleek and fashionable as it is functional, it’s designed to add a sophisticated touch to any well-stocked bar cart.

Viski Ice Sphere Mold

There’s no way to argue with the sheer beauty of shapely ice. Somehow you can even convince yourself that it chills your elixirs better. That’s undeniably the case with the Viski Ice Sphere Mold, which features four built-in spaces to create your spheres. As for the reputation of these eye-catching ice domes, there could be something to it. The spheres are thought to chill beverages faster, create less distasteful dilution, and last longer than the average ice cube. Elevate your creativity by popping a few herbs or bits of fruit into the molds for a pretty look.

Aged & Ore Neat Glass – Set of 2

Who wants to sip drinks from a boring old liquor glass? The Aged & Ore Neat Glass Set answers your every wish — even those you didn’t realize you had in mind. Each glass is perfectly shaped to accommodate a neat beverage, allowing you just enough room for a medium-sized pour and providing crisp clarity that provides a wonderful visual of the liquid within its confines. Even better, the mouth is narrow and the lip flared, so you’ll take in the drink’s heady aroma with every sip that you take.