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We all know at least one person who’s a self-professed maximalist. They can never have enough of a good thing, and there’s no such thing as “less is more” in their world. Everything from their taste in décor to their fashion sense captures this ethos. Is it any wonder it’s so challenging to shop for someone who has such particular sensibilities? There are enough maximalists out there that we felt it was perfectly fitting to create a gift guide rounding up the very best of the best for the ones in your life. Feast your eyes on these must-haves they’re sure to love.

Urban Outfitters Waverly Body Mirror

Those curves, though. There’s nothing like a mirror that’s not just a mirror — and this Waverly Body Mirror from Urban Outfitters is truly more of an art piece first and a functional element second. With its aesthetic surprise, it’s a beautifully conceived piece carved from elegant tubular mango wood.


Assouline Pop Art Style

You can always expect flawless things from the house of Assouline, especially the label’s Style Series. The Pop Art Style book is a beautiful revealing of Andy Warhol’s impact on the style world, covering both his design and influence throughout the vibrant and influential 1960s and 1970s.


Blume Cloud Mug

For the person who loves making a statement from the moment they wake up, the Blume Cloud Mug makes a practical — if not essential — choice that’s sure to brighten them up first thing in the morning. Shapely and distinctive, it’s available in an array of colors and made with sturdy, microwave-safe ceramic.


VENINI Painted Glass Vase

It’s easy to see that a lot of time and attention went into crafting the spectacular VENINI Painted Glass Vase. This is truly artisanship at its finest, comprised of hand-blown glass painted with an abstract red-check pattern for a standout look. It’s destined to make any floral arrangement look that much more attractive.


Lemon Lily Handmade Beech Wood Stack Candle Holders

For the person who values the art of “me time” and loves a good candle to soothe the senses, this Lemon Lily candle holder collection is a must for adding a bit of a stylistic edge to the proceedings. Choose from two-in-one holders compatible with standard sticks and tealights, or three-in-one holders for use with sticks, tealights, and pillars.


Serax Feast Face Plates by Yotam Ottolenghi

A good meal doesn’t begin and end with the ingredients — it’s also largely about presentation, especially from a maximalist’s perspective. Fortunately, these Serax Feast Face Plates by Yotam Ottolengthi does a marvelous job of establishing a new precedent for stylish dinnerware. It’s worthy of putting on display, but is also microwave- and dishwasher-safe for easy care.


Marni Multicolor Stripe Socks

Getting things started on the right food is always a good idea — and you can bet your maximalist will smile big every time they pull on these wow-worthy Marni Multicolor Stripe Socks. Bearing line after bold line of color that would make the rainbow envious, these mood-boosting socks are happiness in fashion form.


Estelle Colored Glass Hand-Blown Cocktail Coupe Glasses

In a world where you can be exciting, why settle for boring? This set of six Estelle Colored Glass Hand-Blown Cocktail Coupe Glasses was clearly designed with that belief in mind. Available in mint, blush, smoke, rose, or a variety of colors, they’re perfect for cocktail hour in the home or reserving for those special occasions when they break out the “fancy glass.”


West Elm Ultralight Dreams Indoor Terracotta Planter

Life is a whole lot more colorful and joyful when you invite Mother Nature into the home. Make that an even more exciting proposition by surprising them with the West Elm Ultralight Dreams Indoor Terracotta Planter. It’s the stuff of botanical dreams, replete with thick, hand-painted stripes in rich, earthy tones that complement their favorite ZZ or spider plant perfectly.


Edie Parker Glass Fruit Pipe

Make that next inhale just a little bit sweeter with the Edie Parker Glass Fruit Pipe. Whether for your favorite vegan or the person who just loves a little something unique to liven up the festivities, this pipe is made with high-quality borosilicate glass and available in a variety of fruits. The material tempers the heat perfectly, revealing a smooth and satisfying toke.


Atelier Saucier The Holiday Punch

There’s everything the entertaining maximalist needs to satisfy their presentation needs. Atelier Saucier The Holiday Punch table linen set includes a package of four napkins in a rich shade of sapphire, a set of four deep green cocktail napkins, reversible corduroy placemats in navy/pink, and an eye-catching table runner.


Iris Apfel Jingle Jungle Rug

She’s known for her utterly quirky ways, and even at the age of 101 Iris Apfel shows no signs of slowing down. Her Jingle Jungle Rug designed for Ruggable is truly a work of art from top to bottom. It’s a joyous celebration of wildlife, brimming with rich color, distinctive artwork, and a cozy, uplifting vibe.


Dusen Dusen Everybody Umbrella

Come rain or even shine, odds are they’ll be compelled to break out and show off the Dusen Dusen Everybody Umbrella. What maximalist wouldn’t love any excuse to carry it around at every opportunity? This beautiful umbrella designed for Areaware features the boldest of stripes and a few happy faces thrown in for good measure.


Gaetano Pesce for Fish Design Table-Mates Set

When it comes time to serve up the drinks, there’s the little matter of crafting an impressive cocktail that is sure to wow the crowd — but don’t think they won’t love setting said beverages out on the Gaetano Pesce for Fish Design Table-Mates Set. Made with sturdy resin, these handmade coasters stand out for all the right reasons.


Yinka Ilori Happiness Pillar Candle

What is maximalism if not joy brought to life? And what is the maximalist if not happiness personified? The Yinka Ilori Happiness Pillar Candle celebrates this joie de vivre in the best way possible — with lots and lots (and lots) of exuberant color. Available in blue/green and orange/pink colorways, it makes the perfect addition to their home.


Harry Allen Reality Hand Bowl

Ordinary bowls don’t quite have a home in the maximalist’s abode — they’re just a wee bit too restrained. Enter the Harry Allen Reality Hand Bowl, featuring a realistic cast of Allen’s hands, brought together in perfect harmony to form a bowl that’s sized just right. Whether it’s for bananas or pomelos or something else, those fruits will definitely be in the right hands.


OMY Graphic 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Is there anything that could possibly appeal more than a medley of bold colors, completely deconstructed in puzzle form for them to put together? They’ll be entranced by this OMY Graphic 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle that puts them to the test while bringing endless joy, piece by piece, and celebrating the wonders of graphic architecture in bold style.


StudioPROBA Summer Shapes, Aperitif Glass #1

Whether or not they enjoy an occasional libation, there’s plenty of room in their display case for the StudioPROBA Summer Shapes, Aperitif Glass #1. This striking piece is as much a piece of wondrous art as it is a functional vessel. The German-made glass is etched with a distinctive graphic pattern in a medley of soft earth tones and pastels.


Selena Liu Serving Friends

For your favorite cook, a good set of serving spoons is definitely a safe choice. But “safe” can be boring, so make your choice the Selena Liu Serving Friends pairing and you’ll be in much better position to delight and enthrall the maximalist in your life. These darling wooden spoons are made with oiled beech and perfect for bringing smiles to the table.