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Whether you’ve got a green thumb or you’re just introducing yourself to the wide world of botanics, you’ve got to have the right tools at your disposal. How else can you expect to tend to your plants and flowers? You need these essentials for everything from digging to planting to pruning, and they all play a vital role in ensuring that your vegetation grows healthy and strong. As you prepare to show the neighbors what you’ve got, here are a few options to keep within reach.

Barebones Living Hori Hori Ultimate Knife

Nothing says practical like a knife that not only looks like a relic from a bygone era, but that also performs like a modern-day miracle. The Hori Hori Ultimate Knife is your best digging friend. “Hori hori” translates into “dig dig” in Japanese, so you know you’ve got yourself the ultimate companion in this versatile little tool that does it all like a pro. Use it to dig the deepest of holes — don’t be fooled by its size — or use it for other purposes, like digging holes for stakes or even for opening bottles thanks to its bonus twine cutter. Who wouldn’t want something so versatile in their lives?

Garrett Wade Super-Penetration Garden Shovel

If you’re on the hunt for a shovel that will undoubtedly stand the test of time, get your hands on the Garrett Wade Super-Penetration Garden Shovel. There are hardy tools, and then there’s this! It’s designed to help you manage in any environment, even if you’re dealing with stubborn, unfortunately compacted soil that needs a little bit of urging to loosen up. This tool allows you to do just that with the least amount of effort — so you’ll also give your shoulders and back a break in the process. And because it’s made of sleek stainless steel, it also happens to look phenomenal at the same time.

Barebones Living Classic Work Gloves

Don’t even try to work your way through the garden without a decent pair of work gloves at your disposal. While you could conceivably get away with some run-of-the-mill pair that sees you through an afternoon, don’t try to use those if you’re committed to gardening on a more regular basis. For that, the Barebones Living Classic Work Gloves are ideal. They’re handmade with a thick, luxurious, buttery soft cowhide leather whose premium grain lends them an addictive feel. They’re wonderfully designed, with a smooth finish and meticulous attention to detail that sets them apart from other work gloves.

CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool

The ergonomically designed CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool makes life simpler by allowing you to dig, edge, and plant with ease. It’s got a unique shape that, at a glance, might seem confusing. What do you do with that? Well, with this in your grasp and a mound of dirt at your fingertips, you can make all kinds of magic in the garden.

Garrett Wade Polished Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set

This affordable and durable Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set includes a Digger Trowel with engraved inch marks to gauge planting depth, a Scoop Trowel to lever up rocks and small roots, and a Cultivator scrabble dirt and move soil a snap. The leather hanging strips and solid, comfortable handle are a plus.

Garrett Wade Never Fail Watering Kit

As the name implies, this kit will ensure that your garden is always watered to perfection. The 75 ft. long ½” Stainless Steel Garden Hose is kink-proof, puncture-proof, tear and crack proof, animal-proof, and corrosion and rustproof, and the kit also includes all four pieces of the company’s Solid Brass Quick-Change Garden Hose Fittings plus a heavy-duty hose nozzle.

Barebones Living Pruner

Inspired by old world Japanese design, Barebones Pruners offer unmatched dexterity and utility, complemented by timeless beauty. Durable steel construction, classic copper accents, and easy comfortable handling make the Pruners a lasting staple of indoor and outdoor gardening. You can choose to add a sleek, water-resistant sheath to your order at checkout.