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In the world of tactical gear, it’s rare to emerge as anything but a force of functional authority. But for brands that are merely inspired by companies that produce everything from flashlights to vests, the story is entirely different. Such is the case for DSPTCH (that’s “dispatch” to you). Its heavy-duty wares draw influence from the mission-focused materials and equipment required by military service people and law officers.

Founded in 2010 by Richard Liu, the San Francisco-based company was always meant to be a force. It began humbly, as so many explosive stories do, in an apartment. The first product—a camera strap—was born here, and it set the tone with its minimal style. Indeed, it was all about no-fuss, no-frills design, and it’s a commitment that DSPTCH holds steadfastly to today. There’s no branding, no conspicuous logo, no cry for attention.

The San Francisco apartment where DSPTCH was born.

Instead, the focus is on quality and stability. Products are designed in earnest, with an expectation that it will not only meet the needs of discerning consumers who seek items that go beyond what they can find at mass retailers, and also remain a tried-and-true companions for decades to come. In many ways, it’s pure simplicity that sets the brand apart from the competition.

Built With Intention

The brand’s explosive growth all comes back to one very basic and humbling fact: quality matters. It’s one of DSPTCH’s core tenets, and it speaks to the fact that nothing they produce will ever leave the warehouse if it doesn’t perform like a champion. All of their products are designed to meet military specification (mil-spec) standards, or the criteria that the military deems suitable for part and product preparation.

Mil-spec standards apply to every single portion of the DSPTCH product evolution, from the dimensions to the materials to the quality of each component.

Mil-spec standards apply to every single portion of the DSPTCH product evolution, from the dimensions to the materials to the quality of each component. In following these guidelines, the brand hopes to develop products that are truly built to last and that actually work. It’s why they offer a genuine lifetime guarantee. If they can’t repair a fault, they will replace the item.

Brand Collaborations

Few companies have mastered the fine art of a fabulous collaboration like DSPTCH. They don’t collab for the sake of a collab. They partner with mission-focused, practical brands that value performance and reliability just as much. Case in point: DSPTCH x Equinox, which produced a hardcore gym-meets-work bag designed to hold it all and then some. Built-in ventilation keeps sweat odors to a minimum; there’s also a shoe compartment that holds up to a size 13, a stretchy pocket, and a laptop compartment.

Few companies have mastered the fine art of a fabulous collaboration like DSPTCH.

DSPTCH x Descente Athletic is a dream if you’re all about low-key style that keeps the fuss to a minimum. The capsule collection includes lightweight, comfortable attire—all of which is packable for your convenience. The daypack is tough and sturdy, but also light enough to transport with ease. And for its fifth anniversary, the brand partnered with Lum-Tec, the beloved watchmaking company, to produce a handsome timepiece, the Special Edition Combat B25. It’s a mere taste of the company’s ability to tackle any segment of the fashion and accessory space with ease.

DSPTCH x Descente Athletic

Sling Straps

You would expect to find more than a few decent camera straps in the DSPTCH lineup—and it is, in fact, quite impressive. There’s a straightforward quality about everything in the range, from the unfussy, clean construction to the rugged components that secure a vise-like grip on your most valuable devices.

The focus here is on variety. You’ll find more than the average here, but there’s nothing too aesthetically profound or outwardly glamorous. It’s all about form and function. You’ll see it in items like the label’s heavy braided camera strap, a rugged, take-no-prisoners accessory that’s made with more than 50 feet of American-made paracord. Although it looks like it means business (and it does), it’s not uncomfortable in the least. You have your choice of lengths, which means you can sling it across the body if you so choose.

For touristy convenience, you might prefer the label’s beloved camera wrist strap. Bid a quick farewell to the poorly constructed excuse that came with your camera—this is the one you need to ensure that your device actually stays safe while you’re in motion. The braided paracord material feels just as strong and secure as it looks, while a durable black stainless steel clip ensures that the camera stays on your wrist where it belongs.

Travel Goods

Beyond the world of straps, DSPTCH has made an inarguable name for itself in the accessory world. They’ve launched a collection of smart, fuss-free dopp kits, accessory pouches, camera cases, portfolios, laptop sleeves, and other forward-thinking pieces designed to make life a little (lot) easier while you’re on the go. Whether you’re an avid traveler, an occasional jetsetter, or someone whose longest journey is to the local coffee shop and back, you’ll appreciate the fact that these accessories simply ensure.

You’ll see it in the incomparable practicality of the cable case—a modern-day essential if ever there was one. One could not have imagined even a decade ago that such an accessory would truly be life-changing, but here we are. It’s not merely any old case, but one equipped with 14 elasticized slots, along with a pair of zippered pouches. This allows for easy separation and quick access of anything that you need while you’re on the go. Better still, it’s compact, which means you won’t actually feel like you’re lugging around multiple cables.

If you’ve always sort of tried to convince yourself that you don’t need a dopp kit, you may need to have another word. The brand’s tough-as-nails option may lack the bells and whistles that its counterparts possess, but that, in this case, is a Very Good Thing. Unlike others, which merely serve as single compartments to hold your belongings in a state of disarray, this one is built to serve you. It contains elasticized organizers, along with a mesh pocket and even a detachable valet tray that you can use to hold those little items that always tend to get lost while you’re on the road—room keys, spare change, you name it. Slip it all inside, from medication to TSA-approved containers, for instant luxury and game-changing travel.

Packed Up

You haven’t really used a quality bag until you’ve ventured into DSPTCH territory. At a glance, you may feel that you’ve landed in some sort of alternate universe. Everything has a futuristic, almost too-cool-for-words feel about it. Colors are stark and minimal—all black, white, navy, and the occasional camo for a pop—and details are sharp and well executed.

It’s perhaps most evident in the brand’s bookpack, a legendary and hyper-contemporary take on the ever-reliable backpack. This version is sleek and refined, without all the excess bulk that makes the traditional model so heavy and unwelcome. This not only relieves the strain on your body, but also limits you to just enough space for the essentials. You don’t want to walk around town with anything too heavy, and with this light and beautifully designed pack on, you won’t even need to. It contains a padded laptop compartment, tablet sleeves, and a convenient zippered pocket to ensure that all of your essentials are within immediate reach at all times.