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Inspiration can strike at any time. Just ask Roy and Ryan Seiders. The brothers founded YETI purely out of a desire for a hardcore cooler that was built to stand up to virtually everything. They were all too familiar with the pitfalls of the lower quality coolers out there. With inferior handles and weak hardware, they weren’t exactly built to stand the test of time.

Enter YETI. Their mission was to produce something that was the antithesis of everything else in existence. They wanted to make coolers that satisfied the needs of truly dedicated outdoor enthusiasts. That unfolded in the most organic ways imaginable. They didn’t begin with the usual precursors to product success — there was no deep research or data analyzation. Instead, they drew on their own personal experiences to determine what was most important to them, and conceivably to millions of others just like them.

Innovation in the Blood

For the Seiders brothers, entrepreneurship runs deep. Their father, Roger Seiders, founded Flex Coat in 1977. Specializing in rod building epoxies, glues, and accessories, the company successfully filled a gap in the fishing industry. Roy and Ryan watched it flourish, all while learning the ins and outs of running a business. They would attend trade shows with their father and learn how to use equipment, setting the stage for a future in the outdoor trade.

Ryan, a Texas A&M graduate, and Roy, a Texas Tech graduate, both had big plans after their college careers ended. They were committed to developing successful businesses like their father. Ryan founded a company specializing in customized fishing rods. Although it wasn’t an enormous financial success, it cemented in him the understanding that he was in the right field.

Roy, meanwhile, got involved in the custom boat trade after watching his father build boats. He saw the potential in this venture and started creating vessels that were ideal for fishermen. One of his designs called for a trio of coolers — including one that could be used as a casting platform for a better vantage point. Naturally, the rest of the boat was a study in durability. The coolers, however, were considerably less impressive.

Enter the cooler that changed the game. While at a trade show, Ryan came across an imported cooler from Thailand. He was taken by its form and stability, which were notably more durable than anything he’d seen before. It was so impressive, in fact, that Roy decided to become an importer for the product. While it performed well, it still didn’t live up to every standard in the book.

For starters, they didn’t love the design. The finish didn’t wow them. They wanted to see visible improvements that would boost sales. Borne of this, the brothers went to Thailand to discuss their ideas with the manufacturer. The negotiations fell flat — but success was in the cards. A factory in the Philippines, they’d heard, might be exactly what they needed to make their vision a reality.

They ventured to the country to meet with factory executives. The brothers realized that they may have stumbled upon the manufacturer that could build the precise type of cooler they wanted to sell to outdoor enthusiasts. That set the wheels in motion: Roy used the earnings from his Thai cooler imports and Ryan sold his custom fishing rod business. A customer familiar with the brothers’ vision for the future agreed to financially back their new company. YETI was born.

The Strongest and Sturdiest

What’s in a good cooler? If you’re a fisherman, you know it’s about so much more than a good-looking container or even the impression of mere stability. The best coolers are put to the test — and live to tell the tale. They feature stronger hinges that won’t snap on a dime and latches that won’t break accidentally. They’re also ideally rotomolded, or rotationally molded to lend the structure a specific form and silhouette. The result is a stronger, more resilient, and far more durable cooler built to stand the test of time.

The YETI template follows that prototype to the letter. They rely on a process called biaxial rotomolding, which involves filling a hollow mold with a powdered plastic resin and rotating it biaxially. Slowly the powder transforms into liquid, creating a smooth and virtually everlasting form within the mold. The result is a tough-as-nails cooler that lives up to expectations of both strength and durability.

While its primary function is maintaining the cold temperature of the contents inside, a great fishing cooler offers so much more. It withstands a little bit — or a lot — of rough and tumble. It won’t break under pressure. It insulates like nothing else. There are a lot of details that matter, and YETI coolers all live up to the hype. They even happen to look great.

The Cooler Breakdown

It should come as no surprise that YETI offers so much more than a standard cooler. For starters, there’s the fact that they have an entire line of both hard and soft coolers to meet your varying needs. You don’t need to be a fishing enthusiast to add one of these to your outdoor adventure repertoire.

They’re great for everything, whether you’re going camping or headed out to the big game and need a worthy companion for tailgating. They’re great for picnics, too. The devil is all in the little details, and it’s clear that YETI doesn’t leave anything to chance during the design process.

Hard coolers have useful features like Neverflat™ wheels that are resistant to punctures and impact, Strongarm™ handles that allow for a more comfortable grip, Lipgrip™ handles for easy transport, Bearfoot™ feet for skid protection, and Anchorpoint™ tie-down slots so you can attach the cooler directly to your truck bed, trailer, or boat.

Then there’s that heavy-duty build. The latches are strong — so much so that they’re known as T-Rex™ latches that will never break on you. Rely on the Neverfail™ hinges with two pins for added durability and virtual indestructability. The interior is just as strong, designed to carry up to two inches of high-quality insulation and featuring a gasket that locks heat out to keep the contents as cold as possible. The Vortex™ drain system promotes quick and efficient draining.

Soft coolers are so soft and comfortable, you might wonder why you never owned one before. Some are modeled after backpacks, while others are convenient bags. There’s even a hard model built with stainless steel. Many of these have ColdCell™ insulation, which locks the chill inside, and DryHide™ shells that protect the outer layer from the effects of potent ultraviolet rays and sharp objects.

Product Spotlight

YETI is quite clearly a lifestyle company. That’s evident by their ever-burgeoning selection of products that extend well beyond coolers. Today, the outdoor specialists also carry drinkware, apparel, bags, cargo, dog accessories, chairs, blankets, and more. If you’ve ever fished, camped, hiked, or spent a good deal of quality time outside, odds are you can find good use for a YETI product in your arsenal.

Hooded Long Sleeve Sunshirt

The Hooded Long Sleeve Sunshirt has you covered in more ways than one. Whether you’re headed to the beach on a brisk day or strolling on the boardwalk with the family, keep your skin safe and your style cool with this breezy shirt featuring powerful UPF 50 protection.

Tundra Haul Hard Cooler

In search of a cooler that does it all? The Tundra Haul Hard Cooler from the Tundra range is a serious contender. Available in a variety of colors, it’s a heavy-duty dream that will meet your every need whether you’re on a boat or hanging with your crew in the parking lot before the game.

Rambler Travel Mug

No outdoor excursion is complete without a mug of something strong and satisfying. You’ll be good to go with the Rambler Travel Mug. Featuring a tough lid that’s both leak-proof and easy to twist on and off, this mug will keep your java piping hot and your cold beverages chilled for the duration of your journey.

Daytrip Lunch Bag

When you’re on the go, you want to know your lunch will stay fresh until midday. The Daytrip Lunch Bag keeps everything just as you like it thanks to powerful insulation that locks the temperature inside. The food-safe interior is great for anything you crave — and once you’re done using it, you can fold it, hook it closed, and stash it away.

Trailhead Dog Bed

The one item your furry companion might be missing in their lives is the Trailhead Dog Bed. This is no ordinary dog bed, either — it’s a plush and ultra-cozy base perfect for napping and hanging. An elevated pillow bolster provides a comfortable spot to rest, while the foam core provides hours of reliable, lightweight support.

Hondo Base Camp Chair

Trust true outdoorsmen to understand the value of a good chair. The Hondo Base Camp Chair is ideal for anything from campsites to rustic cabins. It supports up to 500 pounds, remains strong and resilient even when exposed to ultraviolet rays, features a cup-holder for your mug, and boasts a sturdy handle on the frame so you can easily grab it and go.

Out in the Wild

Talk about a success story. YETI started with a dream to create an infallible cooler — and grew into a brand with products known for their exceptional quality, high performance, and extreme durability. Authenticity and innovation are the cornerstones of a brand that appeals to everyone from the avid fishermen and hunter to the casual outdoorsman and occasional tailgater.