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Sexual wellness tends to be a taboo topic, especially among men. It’s a shame since the concept of sexual wellness is so important to someone’s overall mental health. That’s why if there are issues in that part of your life, the good news is, there are tools that can help. There are a number of excellent sexual wellness brands that are making the concept of a healthy sex life a priority. So, if your sexual health is lacking in vigor, it’s time to turn to some of these companies for assistance. Here are some of the best sexual wellness brands out there today, which can help to improve the quality and intimacy of your sexual health.


This is an online sexual mecca of a store with products designed to improve sexual health with “award-winning devices that deliver targeted vibrations.” They have it all. No matter what type of vibrator you are looking for, there is a category for it. That includes vibrators for men, women, and ones geared toward couples. They offer 100 percent discreet shipping and a 24-month warranty on all of their products. All in all, it’s a comfortable shopping experience with products that can elevate sexual wellness.



Modern sexual wellness essentials are at the core of what Maude provides. They are an inclusive company that caters to making intimacy better “for all people.” With a bounty of good press, especially from Forbes magazine which said, “Maude is redefining the sexual wellness industry for modern consumers”, this company is all about thoughtful design and affordable products. They have everything from devices to lubricants, supplements, condoms, and practically anything else you may need in the bedroom to get your mojo flowing.



Branded as clean intimate care, Bloomi is a plant-based sexual product and cleaning essential company. The packaging is streamlined and masculine, not something you’d be afraid to display on your bathroom vanity. Don’t miss their Desire Sensual Pleasure Oil, which is top-rated and sexologist-approved. The variety of oils and arousal serums is what makes them stand out. Plus, if you’re concerned about the ingredients in your self-care products, Bloomi is at the forefront of clean intimacy products without any skin allergens or synthetic fragrances added to the products.



This brand is very into sexual wellness products featuring CBD and hemp-based lubricants. Foria has an award-winning Sex & Intimacy Collection that features products like Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD and Intimacy Melts with CBD, a truly unique product with a delivery system that many companies don’t offer. Just look it up to find out what it does. There’s nothing else like it on the market today. The company is all about deepening pleasure sensors with its all-natural, organic products.



For top-quality condoms and lubricants, make Champ your new go-to pal. The products are very cool looking with an old-school sports style that is going to look great on a bedside table. The company has a bit of a sense of humor about what they do since their tagline is, “We cordially invite you to f*ck with us.” Pretty cheeky! But in all honesty, these are high-quality condoms and products for the discerning gentleman who is unsatisfied with regular drugstore prophylactics.



Roman is more of a digital health clinic rather than a sexual wellness store. They do offer help from real doctors who can prescribe products and will give advice for erectile dysfunction. It’s a problem that affects an estimated 30 million men in the United States alone. So if it’s an issue in your life, it’s never been easier to get help than with Roman. They offer online visits, free delivery of prescriptions, and high-quality ongoing care. If you’ve been hesitant to seek help with this troubling issue with your regular doctor, make an appointment with Roman as soon as possible.



Another telehealth company for a healthier sex life is Hims. They offer personalized, plant-based treatment options that can treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. There is free shipping for all prescriptions, discreet packaging, and licensed providers for each visit. It’s truly a great way to get confidential help in the comfort of your own home. Plus, Rob Gronkowski is one of their spokesmen, who is very vocal about bringing awareness to health issues that affect men, like hair loss and ED.


TBD Health

Do you know what’s really embarrassing? Not getting checked out, if you think you’ve been exposed to an STD. Yet, many men struggle to get to their doctor’s office or a clinic to get tested properly. That’s why TBD Health is an amazing option, with at-home testing of common STDs. They also have telehealth and a clinic located in Las Vegas, if you live in that city, where a ton of sexual escapades happen. The most popular at-home option is the Check Me Out Kit, which includes testing for HIV, gonorrhea, and a few other STDs. You get the results back within a week of sending them in, so you can find out fast if you need treatment options.



This company is all about “upgrading your orgasm.” If that sounds like a great idea, and really, who doesn’t want that, then you should invest in some of their natural, sustainable condoms and lubricants. The Starter Pack is the right idea with a three-pack of their super thin condoms that feel amazing and water-based lubricant in a reusable pouch. Plus, all of the items are mailed to you in super discreet packaging, so noisy roommates aren’t privy to your business.