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Every home needs a decent set of rocks glasses. They’re more than just functional. The stylish glasses add a little refinement to the bar cart, and they’re essential whether you’re entertaining or spending a quiet night enjoying your own company.

The tumbler is distinctively short, with a cylindrical silhouette, a wide mouth and an especially thick base. Although typically used to serve beverages on the rocks, you can also use it to serve drinks neat or to prepare a cocktail. The construction makes it a friendly environment to muddle anything from spices to fruits at the base before you add the liquid.

You may know it as an old-fashioned glass or a lowball, too. While there are thousands upon thousands of interpretations available, these are seven of the most outstanding rocks glasses to consider adding to your repertoire.

The Norlan Glass (Set of 2)

The right glass can make all the difference. It’s this simple belief that makes the Norlan Glass such an exceptional piece of drinkware. Designed especially for whiskey drinking, its silhouette promotes a beautifully balanced composition. Those initial ethanol notes quickly escape, leaving only the most potent and impressive notes behind. As a result, your whiskey comes to life, with a richer, more complex flavor that feels smooth and sophisticated—much like the integrity of the glass itself. Its beauty is in its ergonomic design. You can grip it easily and comfortably, while your mouth gently embraces the concave lip to promote clean, effortless sipping. While the faceted base ensures that you won’t have to worry about wiping up fingerprints when you’re done, the glass includes a microfiber polishing cloth to enhance its shine. You’ll receive a set of two glasses for $48.

Death Star Glasses (Set of 2)

For the die-hard Star Wars™️ fan, a set of Death Star glasses is sure to please. Bring that galaxy far, far away closer with every sip! The base of the glass features a built-in Death Star, lending it a decorative element that stands out where they’re showcased on your bar cart or placed on the table. Sure, they’re rocks glasses and they’re destined to be a hit at any Star Wars party or convention, but these are far more versatile. Swap the alcohol for juice or soda if you want to make greater use of the glasses. You’ll receive two of them for $40.

The NEAT Glass

Few glasses are designed with as much thought and precision as the NEAT glass. Crafted of lead-free crystalline, this sleek and elegant rocks glass has a competitive spirit. It’s NEAT—Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology—that makes it so special. It’s designed to work by reducing the intensity of nose burn to promote a better flavor profile and more enjoyable sip. A glance at its structure conveys its unique functionality. The rim is flared just enough to keep your nose precisely over the sweet spot, while the neck is cinched in to disconnect the pungent alcohol notes from other, more pleasant aromas. The wide body provides greater space to indulge in those enhanced scents, while the sides are gently curved to promote evaporation. It’s this type of thoughtful development that transforms it from a mere statement piece into something that is highly functional. A single glass is $13.95.

Whiskey Peaks American Mountains (Set of 4)

Nature enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate the beauty of the Whitney Peaks American Mountains rocks glasses set. Designed in honor of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary in 2016, the set masterfully commemorates the beauty of the country’s beautiful park system while honoring the integrity of a well-designed rocks glass. Made with lead-free glass, they’re lightweight, elegant, and highly durable. Each one features a single topographic landmark inside: Half Dome at Yosemite National Park, Denali and Denali National Park, Mount Rainier at Rainier National Park, and Mount Whitney at Sequoia National Park. The set of four is sold for $65.

Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses (Set of 4)

As elegant as you could possibly imagine, the Venero Crystal Whiskey Glass is designed to make an unforgettable first impression. Made with lead-free crystal, this is a sturdy glass with sincere character. It’s hefty in its proportions, with a wide base marked by exquisite structural accents that set it apart from standard rocks glasses. The thick sides ensure that your beverage remains crisp and cool, whether you prefer it neat or on the rocks. Think of this as a classic with a twist. A set of four is $29.97.

Square Old Fashioned Whiskey Rocks Glasses (Set of 2)

If you prefer something a bit out of left field, a handsome rocks glass with a square-shaped silhouette sets a fresh and unexpected tone. It exudes a timeless quality and has serious stage presence, what with its sturdy build, thick walls, and wide, full base. The hand-blown, lead-free crystal will keep your drink at the perfect temperature, while the striking silhouette adds some irresistible warmth to the bar cart. Find this set of two for $30.

BrüMate NOS’R Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass

Smart, sexy, and guaranteed to do the job, the BrüMate NOS’R is a performance glass that also happens to look every bit the part of a worthwhile companion. It’s built to retain the temperature of your beverage up to 20 times more effectively, thanks to its intelligent layered construction. The stainless steel material is designed to last, and will handle anything that comes its way—no matter how often you take it on the road with you. Featuring a distinctive tulip opening, it’s the perfect surprise for the drinks enthusiast on your list. A single glass is $24.95.