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As the scorching days of summer gradually give way to the crispness of autumn, it’s time to savor the last moments of this season with a touch of sophistication. Whether you’re soaking in the final rays of sunlight on a rooftop, hosting an outdoor barbecue, or simply seeking a delightful companion for those warm evenings, the world of wine offers a palette of options to enhance these moments. In the realm of wine, orange wines and rosés emerge as distinct and captivating choices that resonate with the vivacity of summer. 

Orange wines, known for their intriguing amber hues, are the result of extended skin contact during the winemaking process. This method imparts a complex spectrum of flavors, combining the freshness of white wines with the depth of reds. On the other hand, rosés, with their enchanting shades ranging from pale blush to vibrant coral, embody the very essence of summer. Crafted from a diverse array of red grape varietals, these wines strike a delicate balance between the lushness of reds and the crispness of whites. Check out IMBOLDN’s curated selection of the finest orange wines and rosés, perfectly suited to bid adieu to summer in style.

Malene Rosé

Here in the U.S. the rosé culture has caught on as people discover the pleasures of this refreshing, flavorful and surprisingly complex wine. Malene Rosé, and most of the fine rosés of Provence, are fruity yet dry, with no detectable residual sugar. They’re akin to a dry white wine, made for enjoying with a wide variety of foods.


Wölffer Estate Rosé

With wonderful aromas of ripe apples and lilac with hints of freshly cut hay and a spritz of citrus, this bright, copper-colored rosé has a mouth-feel that’s playful yet refined with ripe fruit flavors. For over 30 years, Wölffer Estate Vineyard has been known as one of the finest producers of premium, distinctive wines, ciders, and spirits on the East Coast.


L’un Des Sens Orange Wine

This French orange wine boasts an enchanting aromatic bouquet, with a palate that is dominated by citrus fruit, notes of flower, bitter almond and dried fruit. Fermented with pomace for 5 months, this orange gastronomic wine pairs beautifully with creamy poultry dishes, veal, and pork, and cheeses.


Souleil Le Rose 2022

Pale and pink-hued, this thirst-quenching wine is the epitome of French rosé. Expect flavors of tart red fruit, white cherry, and citrus rind, with a lingering, saline-tinged finish. For a crowd-pleasing apéro wine to satisfy an array of palates, this bottle is just the ticket.


Caruso & Minini Arancino 2022

A wine for the whole meal, it goes well with aperitifs based on mollusks and crustaceans, fish dishes, foie gras, blue cheeses, and white meats. The wine is golden yellow with light russet shades. At the nose are hints of candied citrus and herbs typical of the Mediterranean. On the palate the salinity and tannins harmonize with the extreme freshness, giving an elegant and persistent finish.


Game Box Rosé

A delightfully refreshing Rosé from California, this wine is the product of a partnership with Wondercade and iconic actor Neil Patrick Harris. It presents with subtle hints of fresh flowers, and notes of strawberry, cherry, raspberry, citrus & melon for a taste that’s positively magical.


Stolpman Vineyards ‘Love You Bunches’ Rose

Love You Bunches brims with bright energy and immediately wins us over in everything we want out of a scrumptious Rosé. Strawberry married with cool, firm peach, its breezy lemon-lime and lifting mint combine effortlessly through the light and playful palate. Smooth, with just a hint of refreshing tang, leaving us wanting more.


Tinto Amorina Bheeyo Orange Wine

Tinto Amorio is all about producing natural – also known as raw – wine, so expect to see (and taste) yummy bits of natural sediment as you drink this orange wine. Perfect for enjoying on a beautiful summer day, the flavor is earthy yet crisp, with stone fruit-esque hints of apricot.


Hampton Water Rosé

A light and crisp French Rosé made from Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre grapes, Hampton Water Rosé is an award-winning blend that possesses aromas of red berries, balanced acidity, a touch of minerality, and a long, dry and refreshing finish.


El Vino El Rosé

Women-owned winery el VINO’s El Rosé is the perfect wine to sip by the pool, with its fresh taste of peach, jasmine and lemon tea. Launched in summer 2021 by a group of four friends, el VINO wines are produced in the Mexican region of Baja California, resulting in floral and herbaceous vintages.


Di Giovanna Camurria Orange 2022

Camurria Orange is a natural orange wine produced by the Di Giovanna family in Sambuca di Sicilia. This wine is distinguished by an expressive bouquet of wildflowers, almonds, marzipan and orange peel. Medium in body, savory with a beautiful acid core, with layers of citrus, stone fruits and spice envelope.


Maker Orange Vermentino

Orange Vermentino by Terah Bajjalieh of Terah Wine Co. is 100% natural, 100% biodynamic, and 100% orange. Fermenting grapes with the skin on creates the bright terracotta hue, and results in the boost of tannins, texture, weight, and vibrant aromatics.