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Take it from those who know: a great pair of running shorts can make all the difference. You don’t hit your stride without the right gear, after all. Pounding the pavement is no small feat, either. It’s a full-body and -mind workout that calls on you to bring your A-game each and every day. Is it any wonder the shorts are such a big deal? We’ve rounded up the best of the best — the styles that look great and that will never weigh you down. Whether you’re a newbie or an avid runner, you’ll love the way they transform the whole experience.

Lululemon Fast and Free Reflective Short 3″

Light. Easy. Shades of Wham! music videos from the 1989s. There’s a lot to take in here, but it’s safe to say these Lululemon Fast and Free Reflective Short 3″ are game-changers. They’re made with a touch of Lycra for added stretch and feature a sweat-wicking, quick-dry lining. Perfection.


Ten Thousand Distance Shorts

Breathability is key when you’re out there breaking a serious sweat. With every move you make, the average pair of shorts is bound to get a little damp and heavy. Enter Ten Thousand Distance Shorts. Designed to, well, go the distance, these shorts provide the light and breezy fit you need. Great for practice sessions and marathons alike, these shorts can help you make that miracle a reality.


New Balance Men’s Accelerate 5 Inch Short

The last thing you want is to be weighed down as you put sneaker to pavement. Keep things light and easy in the New Balance Men’s Accelerate 5 Inch Short. Featuring a classic athletic fit, they offer plenty of breathability and ventilation for maximum comfort. You can go hands-free too thanks to the internal key pocket and side pockets designed to keep your essentials safe when you’re on the move.


Tracksmith Session Shorts 5”

You: a speed demon. Your quest: take on the road. Your outfit: it can only be a pair of Tracksmith Session Shorts 5”. These are so practical that you’ll never miss a single beat — and you can literally hit the ground running. They’re designed for the hardcore runners out there, making life easier because they support your most intense runs without getting in the way or hindering progress on track or trail.


Nike Dri-FIT Stride

You’ve never one to sacrifice comfort, and you’re not about to start now. A pair of Nike Dri-FIT Stride Shorts is practically essential if you’ve ever run in the heat. They’re as light as can be, perfectly formed to support a robust run, dry fast so you stay fresh, and, oh yes, they also happen to designed with eco-conscious recycled fibers (75%, to be precise). The fact that they’re so breathable is a big plus, but there’s also that pocket at the back designed for a phone that adds to its well-rounded appeal.


Nike Dri-FIT Flex Stride

This is definitely the right kind of flex. In a pair of Nike Dri-FIT Flex Stride trail shorts, you can instantly make that style statement that’s so quintessentially you in every way. If you’ve never been one to hit the ground without the comfiest shorts in the land or the most stylish pair you’ve ever known, these are for you. They’re available in a variety of palettes and feature bold accents that set them apart. With five pockets, they keep everything you need for your trail runs within easy reach at all times. Protein bars? Phone? Keys? There’s room for it all.


Tracksmith Twilight Shorts

Never underestimate the potential of a pair of shorts that resembles what you wore during your college days. Tracksmith Twilight Shorts unite the comfort of those handy split shorts that are just too short to wear some days with the comfort of a lightweight short. This style is designed with multiple pockets and a lightweight liner to support your relaxed, early morning jogs. The secret sauce here is the Bravio Blend fabric, a material so soft you’ll want to wear it even on your days off.


Rhone 5” Mako Tech Shorts

Active shorts that take your routine to the next level definitely deserve a place in your closet. That’s why these Rhone 5” Mako Tech Shorts are such a big deal. They feature all the essential details, like a media pocket, seams that offer prime flexibility when you’re in motion, and a nice stretchy waistband with an adjustable drawstring for the most comfort. Choose from lined or unlined styles and a broad range of colors.


On Running Lightweight Shorts

When you want a pair you can just as easily wear on an errand run as your morning run, turn to On Running Lightweight Shorts. They live up to the name, providing the ultimate in soft, breezy, light-as-air comfort that you’ll notice the moment you slip into them. There are no zippers or other metallic details to add any bulk or weight, lending them an even lighter feel. They’re also made with quick-dry fabric, so no matter what your day might bring you’ll face it all with fresh confidence.