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In 2021, the global male grooming products market was valued at a whopping $74.5 billion. Expectations are that the market will reach $108.7 billion by 2027! In the not-too-distant past, men’s grooming product choices comprised shaving creams, deodorants, aftershave colognes, and shampoos. Now, with men’s grooming patterns changing, with a greater emphasis on personal appearance, the market has been flooded with products ranging from skincare essentials, such as moisturizers, facial creams, face oils, and anti-aging products, to cosmetics including bronzers and concealers.

In a nod to changing times, the editors here at IMBOLDN have rounded up their top choices for best face oils for men. From face oils with powerful antioxidants and botanicals, to formulas that reduce redness, and help soothe skin and relieve dryness and flakiness, we’ve got you covered no matter what your particular needs may be.

CIRCA 1970 Luxury Face Oil

Suitable for all skin types and ages, CIRCA 1970’s Luxury Face Oil is packed with powerful antioxidants and nutrient-rich essential oils that calm, hydrate, and nourish the skin. This wonderfully-scented oil is even great for beards and pre-shave maintenance. Just a once daily application will help to keep your beard feeling soft and lush.


Aesop Fabulous Face Oil

Aesop uses botanicals in its Fabulous Face Oil which is a hydrating formula that helps to decongest, detoxify, and balance the skin. With its floral, herbaceous aroma and lightweight texture, you’ll look forward to massaging this oil into your skin for its relaxing and rejuvenating effects.


Caldera + Lab The Good Multi-functional Serum

Designed to be a one-step nighttime regimen, clinically-proven, The Good Multi-functional Serum is designed to be a one-step regimen, replacing everything you need at night except for your cleanser. Caldera + Lab even commissioned a third-party, US-based clinical trial to exclusively study The Good with 96% of the men reported healthier looking skin, 81% felt they looked younger, and 87% said they saw an improvement in their fine lines and wrinkles.


Jack Henry Super Face Oil

Jack Henry’s Super Face Oil not only hydrates and tones, but it also improves skin texture and elasticity. But that’s not all: the oil is packed with anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants and provides natural sun protection. Just smooth this lightweight, non-greasy blend on your face and neck in the morning and you’re good to go.


Jack Black MP 10 Nourishing Oil

A super versatile formula, the MP 10 Nourishing Oil can be used on the face, body, hair, and for shaving. The oil contains organic Moringa Seed Oil which provides anti-aging and firming benefits. Meanwhile, a combination of antioxidant-rich Argan Oil, Organic Marula Seed, and Grape Seed oils helps to defend the skin, minimize redness, and restore elasticity. Use on hair as a conditioning, styling, or finishing tool.


Tom Ford Intensive Infusion Face Oil

Based on Tom Ford’s own personal grooming regimen, this face oil is designed to nourish the skin and to revive its healthy look and feel. Containing hydrating agents and potent nutrients that have been dermatologist tested, this oil will literally envelop your skin with rich moisture. Use morning and evening for best results.


Kissed by a Bee Handsome Face Oil for Dudes

Whether you have oily, sensitive, or dry skin or are looking for a face oil for its anti-aging properties, Handsome Face Oil for Dudes offers different oils for different issues. All products by Kissed by a Bee contain herbs like Beruti, geranium, argan, and juniper berry, to name just a few. This formula is organic, light and takes only one squirt to cover your face and neck.


Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate Face Oil

Formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin, Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate Face Oil is infused with botanical oils, like ginger root and sunflower oil, that help reduce the appearance of tiredness for energized, radiant skin. Its antioxidant properties defend skin from free radicals and keep it looking radiant all day long.


The Organic Skin Co. The Good Oil Honeysuckle and Turmeric

Helping to minimize blemishes and calm the skin, The Good Oil Honeysuckle and Turmeric formula contains anti-inflammatory CO2 extracts and organic essential oils. For all skin types, this oil helps hydrate dry skin, keeping it radiant and moisturized throughout the day. On top of that the company plants one tree for every product purchased.