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In an era where the sky is no longer the limit, drones have taken the world by storm, offering enthusiasts and professionals alike the opportunity to capture stunning aerial footage, explore new horizons, and embrace the cutting-edge of technology. Whether you’re a seasoned drone pilot looking to upgrade your gear or a rookie eager to take your first flight, the world of drones has something for everyone, regardless of your budget.

We’ve curated a selection of drones, whether you’re looking for an affordable entry-level option or a high-end powerhouse. So, if you’re an adventure-seeker craving breathtaking aerial shots of your outdoor escapades, a content creator aiming to up your photography and videography game, or simply a tech enthusiast looking to delve into the exciting world of drone technology, we’ve got you covered.

DEERC D10 Drone

This mini drone weighs just 0.55lbs and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It has a flight time of up to 20 minutes and a maximum distance of 100 meters. It’s equipped with a 720P HD camera that can take pictures and videos. It also has a headless mode, altitude hold, and one key take-off/landing.


Potensic T25 Drone

The first thing to notice about the T-25 is its weight of 4.3 lbs. Even in its carrying case, this drone is light and it measures 10 x 10 x 4.5 inches. The T25 uses a 2K camera that streams video to your smartphone. It also records on the drone’s memory card (not included). There’s no 3-axis gimbal, but you can tilt the camera up and down.


Holy Stone 110G GPS Drone

Equipped with GPS Location, the Holy Stone 110G Drone can memorize the “HOME” point and return automatically whenever the drone loses signal or loses power or whenever the auto return button is pressed. Users can start/land the drone simply by pressing one button. Furthermore, the latest Altitude Control System enable stable flight and the 3-speed switch and headless mode helps users grasp flying skills sooner.


Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone

This drone has a 4K UHD Camera with Image Stabilization. The optimized full HD Camera is built with a Shock Absorption holder that ensures shooting 3840 x 2160 high resolution images and videos without camera vibration. Its two intelligent batteries work for 26 minutes/per battery for each charge. The long-life Brushless Motors have lower power consumption and will give users a quieter flight.


DJI Mini 2 SE

At less than 8.7 ounces, this drone weighs about as much as an apple and fits in the palm of your hand. Compact and convenient, the Mini 2 SE supports up to 10 km of HD video transmission and has excellent anti-interference capabilities, giving users the ability to fly farther and see clearer. With a battery life of 31 minutes, the Mini 2 SE grants more than enough time to compose the perfect shot.


DJI Mini 3 Pro

DJI has optimized its Mini 3 Pro with larger propellers, an aerodynamic body tilt, and a powerful obstacle sensing system to increase flight time and safety. The Mini 3 Pro drone provides stunning 48MP RAW photos and 4K HDR video with dramatic 1080p/120fps slow-motion capabilities. It features an ultra-lightweight Intelligent Flight Battery that provides extended flight time up to 34 minutes.


DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo

If you’re looking to get everything you need in one package, the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo is the best bang for your buck. The Fly More Combo includes three Intelligent Flight Batteries, which ensures 93 minutes of flight time in total. Instead of stopping to recharge after just 30 minutes, you’ll have over an hour and a half to capture those epic shots. In addition, you’ll receive tons of must-have accessories, a charging hub, a carrying bag, and more!


DJI Air 3

This latest addition to DJI’s Air series sets a new standard for drone imaging, boasting the first-ever dual-primary camera system within a sleek and compact body. It’s equipped with a groundbreaking dual-camera setup, featuring a 1/1.3-inch-CMOS wide-angle camera and a 1/1.3-inch-CMOS 3x medium tele camera. The drone provides up to 46 minutes of uninterrupted flight – a significant 48% increase compared to its predecessor.


Autel Robotics – EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle – Quadcopter

The Autel EVO Lite+ is designed for precision flying, and it shoots sharp photos and cinematic 6K Ultra HD video. An ultra-wide-angle binocular vision system helps the drone avoid obstacles. Users have three flight modes for different scenarios: standard for everyday flying, sport for moving quickly, and a smooth mode that helps keep the camera steady. The Premium bundle includes a charging hub and two additional batteries, so users can swap a fresh one in and keep flying while the first battery recharges.


DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo

Featuring a 1-inch CMOS sensor, powerful autonomous functions, and a compact body weighing less than 21 ounces, DJI Air 2S is the ultimate drone for aerial photographers on the move. It includes a Battery Charging Hub, ND Filters Set, Shoulder Bag, two extra batteries, and more for extended flight time and enhanced content creation.