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Decision Paperweight

Decision Paperweight

For the indecisive, this paperwieght will help you make the simple and trivial choices in life.

We are often confronted with indecisive moments, from the trivial (What should I have for dinner?) to the significantly more important (Who should I vote for?). Although handing over our decision making to someone else may be incredibly irresponsible, in all honesty that’s exactly what we’d like to resort to at times.

For those moments, the Decision Paperweight will give you a firm and cool headed answer for any question. Think of it as a more sophisticated Magic Eight Ball — all you have to do is spin the paperweight and follow the instructions on the red dot. The sleek and modern paperwieght is made from aluminum and will most likely confuse on first encounter, but it will help you save precious time from making small decisions. Just don’t use it with questions like “Should I buy this house?” or “Should I marry this person?”