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Danish Fuel Jerry Can

Danish Fuel Jerry Can Bar Cabinet

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What we know as the Jerry Can today was a produce of WWII. As you can guess from the name, it was developed by Germans to to carry water, kerosene, diesel, and gas. It played a crucial role during the war, with more than 21 million Jerry Cans spread all over Europe. Upcycled by Danish Fuel, these WWII fuel cans that were originally designed for utilitarian purposes has transformed into an object that can hold something more valuable and entertaining; your liquor.

To create the Danish Fuel Jerry Can Bar Cabinet, each can is upcycled from an original WWII Jerry Can, making every bar cabinet unique. The old rust and paint has been sandblasted and given a new paint job, while the innards house custom plywood shelves to hold your liquor and glasses. It’s even wall mountable, so you can proudly display it in your house, office, or bar as the centerpiece that will surely start many conversations.