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DAB 1α Electric Motorcycle

Peugeot-Endorsed DAB Debuts Its 1α Electric Motorcycle

DAB’s exclusive collection of 400 motorcycles is crafted by skilled artisans in its atelier housed in the historic Peugeot factory.

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$ 16,000

With the possibility that electric vehicles will be mandatory in the future, plenty of manufacturers are seeking to design the best electric cars, trucks, and motorcycles that deliver the most extended ranges on the fastest charges. The latest addition to this growing selection of electric vehicles is the DAB a limited edition inaugural production model with a limited run of just 400 units.

With its revolutionary construction underpinned by a unique design philosophy, the DAB 1α Electric Motorcycle looks set to disrupt the industry. Exclusively available for DAB’s members, it encapsulates the brand’s mission to create bold and visionary motorcycles that embody the journey toward singularity.

This futuristic aim is evident in the 1α Electric Motorcycle’s design, crafted by a team of skilled artisans from the iconic Peugeot factory. Each motorcycle is uniquely numbered and made with premium materials, from the crafted saddle and glove box to the groundbreaking TIN Gold-treated suspension system.

DAB Motos has teamed up with Airbus to include upcycled carbon fiber bodywork parts, making the DAB 1α Electric Motorcycle as durable and robust as it is aesthetically unique. In addition to being environmentally sustainable, it’s also full of advanced safety systems, with an integrated Brembo 4-piston caliper braking system for accurate and rapid stopping power.

With its recyclable battery and an onboard charger for full-day rides into the wilderness, the DAB 1α Electric Motorcycle opens up new possibilities for electric motorcyclists seeking adventures on the open road.

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