Converse SHAPES Genderless Apparel Collection

Converse Releases The SHAPES Genderless Apparel Collection

Defying convention, the Converse SHAPES Genderless Apparel Collection offers inclusive designs that fit body types of all shapes and sizes.

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Gender has different meanings to different people. For clothing, apparel has changed through the generations to conform with contemporaneous perception. Often, what might be masculine in one era, country, or culture is feminine in another. Yet, there are so many people who don’t want to be boxed into one particular style or gender style of clothing. This is where the Converse Shapes Genderless Apparel Collection comes in. Its design defies rigid paradigms, offering an inclusive collection of apparel for any and all.

Converse sneakers broke that barrier upon their inception. Chuck Taylor’s and other unisex sneakers were produced with everyone in mind, without being specific to men or women. Now, the new apparel collection is designed to be the same. This shifts the way clothing is cut so instead of being constructed for the average male or female body, it will fit all bodies and all shapes. The clothing will be produced using 50 percent virgin cotton and 50 percent recycled cotton. With five core pieces in four global sizes, you won’t be forced into one particular style any longer.