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Cocktail Smoking Box & Gun

Reinvigorate your familiar cocktails by adding complexity and depth from actual wood smoke.

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Ordering a cocktail at the bar or mixing your own is a personal experience, where the infinite combination of ingredients and techniques can subtly change the aromatic profile and taste. This may be why Bond is so specific about how he enjoys his martini (shaken, not stirred), despite it being one of the most popular cocktails in the world.

If you’ve wanted to take your cocktail game a bit further, the Cocktail Smoking Box & Gun will elevate your creations by adding a unique aromatic profile to your cocktail. Part of the Crafthouse by Fortessa collection, it adds complexity and depth to your drink by using actual wood smoke, so its the first thing that hits your nose as you bring the glass up to your nose. The set contains a box made from stainless steel and glass, a smoking gun, and two jars of hickory smoking chips. The beauty of mixing and enjoying cocktails is that there’s no right or wrong way. The Cocktail Smoking Box & Gun will add that last piece to your unqiue cocktail puzzle.