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Bun Van Bed

Circu Bun Van Bed

This bed shaped like a VW Bus has a bed, sofa, minibar, and TV inside.

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The Volkswagen Type 2, which is more affectionately known as the VW Bus, has become an automotive icon that symbolizes fun and freedom. It’s popularity during the counterculture movement of the ‘60s made it the unofficial hippie wagon/van, with people utilizing its large and cavernous interior space to not only travel but to use as a camper as well.

Whether you’re in your 60s fondly remembering your younger days of sleeping in these vans or feel like you’ve missed out on an iconic experience in an age that’s been long gone, you can experience the sense of freedom and fun in your bedroom with the limited edition Bun Van Bed by Circu. Inspired by the iconic VW van, it’s made from fiberglass with chrome plated accents and features an interior clad in palisander wood veneer. It’s a self-contained room on wheels, with a bed, sofa, several storage compartments, TV, and a mini bar, allowing you to experience the VW Bus magic without ever leaving your room.