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Chipolo CARD Spot

Featuring ‘Find My’ App, Chipolo Launches The CARD Spot

This credit card-sized tracker makes lost wallets a thing of the past.

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Losing a wallet is a struggle that almost everyone deals with from time to time. While finding a missing phone is typically as simple as having someone call it or using a “find my phone” app on your computer, finding a missing wallet isn’t quite so simple – or at least it didn’t use to be. Thanks to Chipolo’s innovative new CARD Spot, it is now possible to quickly locate a misplaced wallet using the same methods that make finding a missing phone so easy.

The Chipolo CARD Spot is a slim, credit-card-like product that is designed to fit effortlessly inside almost any wallet and is controlled using Apple’s “Find My” app. Once it is in place, the Chipolo CARD Spot provides several convenient ways to find a wallet that is lost or misplaced. Users can start by using the Apple Find My app to have the Chipolo CARD Spot play a very loud sound. If that does not do the trick, the tracking technology inside the Chipolo CARD Spot can be used to pinpoint the wallet’s exact location. The Chipolo CARD Spot also sends notifications to the user’s phone when a wallet is accidentally left behind, making wallets that are left at restaurant tables or checkout counters a thing of the past. Losing a wallet is at best an inconvenient hassle and at worst a real privacy and security concern. With the Chipolo CARD Spot, though, finding a lost or misplaced wallet is now easier than ever before.

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