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Champagne Gun

Champagne Gun

The only thing that this harmless weapon will murder is your champagne.

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What is it about drenching people in champagne at parties that seem to only make things more exciting? You shake it up, let her rip, and let all hell break lose in a bout of extravagance and debauchery with sparkling bubblies. We admit that it’s probably not the best use of expensive and delicious champagne, but boy can it be fun.

To increase the level of ludicrousness and fun, why not try using the Champagne Gun to drench your opponent with some sparkling wine. The completely harmless party weapon can be reloaded with any champagne brand’s Magnum bottle and can spray up to 23-feet for 45 seconds. Available in gold, rose gold, or chrome, it’s the perfect weapon to get your party started.