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Can Cannon

Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher

Launch unopened cans of soda or beer up to 105 yards and let the fun begin.

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There’s something about the destructive quality of launching an object into the air that seems to fascinate us men. The Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher is a launching device for canned beverages, letting you launch unopened cans up to 105 yards.

Some may question why one would launch cans of soda or beer instead of drinking them, but the manufacturer’s answer is simple — because you can. Compatible with the AR-15 or M16 rifle, it’s officially not considered a destructive device or a firearm by the BATFE, although you may have to check your local laws. Perfect for when your annoying friend asks for a can of beer that you disapprove, the Can Cannon may be a pointless but awesomely entertaining device that will let you have a surprising amount of fun.